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London Riots - Man hits the nail on the head when it comes to the cause of the riots - London Riots - won't hear this on the news!
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Overall I agree - There is no excuse at all... however I don't think this guy is trying to excuse their actions just try to put some context to them. I think you are right when you say most of them are just thugs but there has to be an underlying cause (or causes) that have built things up to this point. I personally think its got to do more with a culture of entitlement that has been created - resulting in lazy, unemployed kids who seem to think the world owes them something.... So yea you are right - there is no excuse for their actions and a riot is always mindless and stupid but I think it would be naive and dangerous not to look at what created these kids and put them in a situation where they feel they can do shit like this...
Agreed. This article is also interesting a relates to what you guys are talking about

But still, it saddens me when I hear stories of a people losing their homes and businesses because some lazy teen didn't take initiative to work hard and are angry that the government isn't paying as much as they did before. It needs to end. People need to realise to take initiative and make it work (whatever that 'it' may be). Also, I bet 70% of the people don't even know what they're rioting for - a great example of crowd psychology.
But at the same time, I wish South Africans were putting in as much comfort and care into the issues in this country (such as rape, corruption) instead of focussing all that energy on foreign affairs.
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