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A push-button cloud-based e-book maker
A push-button cloud-based e-book maker

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dotEPUB Chrome Extension temporarily not available

We are working hard to have it back in the Chrome Web Store. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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WordPress Plugin updated!

The dotEPUB WordPress Plugin has been updated to support secure pages.

Minor changes have also been introduced in the dotEPUB bookmarklet, Chrome extension and Safari extension, where secure pages were already supported since last June.

If you are using the dotEPUB bookmarklet and have installed it before June 2014, please update the bookmarklet. 

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Can I use dotEPUB on secure pages (https)?

Yes. If you cannot convert secure pages, you have an old version of dotEPUB: please, re-install dotEPUB to update it.

Post has attachment has a new secure certificate

dotepub has replaced its self-signed certificate by a third party certificate that it is accepted by all major modern browsers. 

No need to configure anymore your browser to use dotepub on secure pages.

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This Sunday, October 12th at 8PM PDT dotepub services may be unavailable for approximately 30-40 minutes (server will be upgraded). Sorry.

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An example of e-book production using dotepub

"The Cheater’s Guide to Love" by Junot Díaz



(Using the Converter

a tool to try dotepub before installing the bookmarklet or the browser extension)

Warning: The e-book download will only start if the following addresses are visited using a full featured browser (it won't start if visited inside an app, for instance).


MOBI (Kindle)

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The dotepub conversion engine has been updated (0.8.14)!

Detection of author name has been improved. A bug with the HTML5 figcaption tag has been corrected.

(You don't need to take any actions: you are already using 0.8.14.)

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Using dotEPUB on secure pages: new web page at

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New version of all our solutions

We have introduced some usability improvements in all our solutions: we are now verifying that your browser is correctly configured before downloading secure pages (dotEPUB now shows a warning when it's not).

The conversion engine has not been updated. This update is recommended but not mandatory at this time.

You can update the bookmarklet from

You can update dotEPUB for Chrome to version 1.0.7 from

(It has probably already been automatically updated in your browser: check if you have installed 1.0.7.)

You can update dotEPUB for Safari to version 1.4 from

(unless you have automatic updates activated and it is already up to date)

You can update dotEPUB for Firefox to version 1.0.7 from
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