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Marrowbones 2 is now up in Drivethru Comics, I'd really appreciate any reviews at all.
Marrowbones 2 Oliver's Tomb - A fantasy horror comic for all ages! "A wonderful and Twisted tale" Brom "Creepy fun!" Todd Lockwood
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I'll give a review soon! I'm a bit busy right now, but I'm on it!
Thanks so much Jed! If other people are like me I tend to look for well reviewed books. 
Apparently I can't review it unless I buy it again.
It's only three more bucks. If I come up with something decent to say, I'll spring.
, I actually talked up Marrowbones 1 and 2 on our comic podcast, Paperkeg, last night! What an enjoyable read, and the art style is beautiful. It was during our Round Table segment. My buddy +Don Garvey pointed me towards the book, so thanks, Don! Link:
Oh awesome!! Thanks Dale! I'll listen today!
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