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Patrick Debois

@Rob, from experience a lot of people coming to devopsdays have the the following notions on ITIL
- never encountered is as they are startup, but when they grow they understand the importance of some of the principles
- people who have had bad experiences with ITIL 'implementations', making change hard and inflexible because it used to be the believe that change was the root of all evil
- people that try to look interesting by bashing ITIL (well I feel sorry for them).

Nobody that I know and respect in the Devops community has been against ITIL and have always tried to be open to the ideas, especially in more traditional IT.

I believe we can bring a much strong signal by amplifying the co-existance of both and adaptations to make things work more flexible in both ITSM and Devops mids.

From the early days of devopsdays we've tried on give stories a stage to talk about these integration. It's only the recent year that these stories have come along because it took time for enterprises to change ideas. Now the interesting adaptations are surfacing.

P.S. Devops too as Scrum or whatever new flavor will get good and bad implementations and will get a name on successes or failures.

just my 2c
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