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Husband, father, author

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This past Saturday marked Ybor Daily Market's very first Knight Parade, and we (and a 100K or so of our closest friends) celebrated it in classic Ybor City style - watching Chico downstairs cover the wall with a huge new mural, and up on the balcony with great food, drinks and friends.

We also shot some footage for our forthcoming community backing video, and thought you might enjoy a sneak peek! Come pay us a visit at 1920 E. 7th Avenue, enjoy a hot cup from the cafe, and learn more about what this space means for local artists and artisans, musicians, chefs, performers, farmers and anyone who appreciates handmade local products.

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My wife's first ever blog post. It's well worth the wait. 

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"Celebrating genocidal maniacs is never fun, and even less so when it's on the false pretenses of a discovery that they didn't quite make."

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New post. 

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Google+ has suddenly discovered and "auto-awesomed" several photos from our trip to Costa Rica a few months ago. The photos are nice, but honestly it seems like a pretty desperate attempt by Google+ to lure me back to their ghost town. 
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Well that clears that up. 

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Microchipping... not just for Fido anymore. 

Quote of the day, from a job posting: "Pay commiserate with experience."

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"Be better than we were. Dream the impossible and then make it come true."
I wrote this letter to my children on a plane as we returned from a recent trip to Washington D.C. For as much as D.C. represents gridlock and cynical politics from a distance, in person it is also a city full of promise...

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History always repeats itself, that's what we say anyhow. I wrote this two years ago about the Sandy Hook massacre, but it seems equally applicable to the events of the past weekend. None of us are without the ability to influence such events in the future - we can and should use it to prevent more of these tragedies. 
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