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Meir Ezra Parents: Our Greatest Supporters
are indebted to their parents for their upbringing -- if the parents did so.
While some parents are so fiercely independent that they will accept no return
on the obligation, it is nevertheless true that there often comes a time when
it is the tur...

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Meir Ezra Love & Mistakes
big mistake people are making is that they think they learn from experience…
you don’t! People
that divorce will keep having bad relationship. People
that fail in business keep failing in business. People
don’t learn from mistakes. And, it applies to pare...

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Meir Ezra : Leadership Success
are a leader, even if not officially. People follow your example, learn from
you, want to know your opinions and so on. Constantly improving your leadership
skills is essential to your success. Most
people have the wrong idea about leadership. For examp...

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Meir Ezra: Work and Money
do people really work for? Money? Security? Service? Family stability? Social
recognition? We
can go on and on with the many reasons why people choose the kind of work they
do. Some are motivated by the desire to serve others in spite of the low pay or...

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Meir Ezra: The Secret to Perpetual Youth
Internet, in general, has made many of us appreciate being young again. YouTube
allows us to listen to old music or watch old movies that make us feel like
teenagers again. Facebook connects us with childhood friends we have lost touch
with for many yea...

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Meir Ezra’s Seminar on Financial Expansion
A three-day seminar under Meir Ezra promises to provide participants the capability to manage the financial health of a company, a nation or an individual.  Ezra believes that simply following the basic laws of finance will allow any person to control money...

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Meir Ezra: How to Improve Efficiency
of the simplest yet wisest concepts of time comes from Meir Ezra and it goes like this: What
is the one thing we wish we could control better? What is the only thing you
lose every single moment and can never get back… Time! Time
is actually just a deci...

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Meir Ezra: Your Health and Happiness
You may have heard that to succeed, you need to adjust yourself to the world around you. Examples: “You’d better get used to it as that’s the way it is.” “To be happy, you must compromise.” “Don’t make waves!” Yet, to succeed, you must take a different appr...

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Being a Leader is Like Being a Teacher
the book written by a person who said that everything he needed to learn he
learned in kindergarten? Well, he was right! Why? Because every teacher is a
leader in his or her own right. And so, to become a good leader, you have to
know how to be a g...

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What you need to succeed in business – the Perfect Business Model (PBM)
is this PBM or Perfect Business Model? I myself have never heard of one; nor
have I imagined anyone coming up with such grandiose claims that in business
one can have such a business model that is guaranteed to bring what you dream
of achieving. Is the...
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