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I've pledged to raise money to fund Cancer Research at the Cleveland Clinic via Velosano, a bike ride/fundraiser. I would really appreciate it if you could chip in as little or as much as you can under my name to fulfill my $500 fundraising goal. You can easily make your donation by clicking the large green button at

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On compliments, motivation and feedback
Anyone who has worked hard on a
goal can attest to this. Whether it’s directed towards your physique, your
work, or your uber-abstract post-modern art creation, a simple compliment can
give your motivation a boost. Last week, a couple of guys at the gym gav...

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Rice with mixed vegetables
 In springtime, fresh and beautiful vegetables start making their
appearance in markets everywhere. While fresh is always better, we still don’t
always have access to fresh vegetables exactly when we need them and have to
make the best we can with canned ve...

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Horseshoe Lake
One of the best ways of staying active is to simply get up and go for an old-fashioned walk. It doesn't have to be a long walk. It just have to be a fun one.Here are some pictures of a short walk around the Horseshoe Lake, one the Shaker Lakes between Cleve...

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Eastern Easter 2016
I know some of you might be wondering the reasoning behind
me writing about Easter a month after Easter Sunday. And it is an interesting
question given that I’m Hispanic and in most Hispanic countries Easter Sunday is
not celebrated to begin with. And while...

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Back from PR
Sup People!!!! I’m back! As I’m sure you know by now, I spent some time with my
parents and sisters in Puerto Rico. In case you are wondering, I’ll tell the
sun was out, the temps were high, and the beaches were gorgeous. Oh, and the
food was great, as alwa...

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Hunger and overeating
People say there are 3 things in
life you can be sure of. The first thing is death. After all, the point of life
isn’t to live forever, but to enjoy most years in good health. The second thing,
taxes. You know it’s coming - every year. Actually, it’s severa...

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Yogurt Parfait with warm blueberry topping
While everyone’s attention today might be on the Iowa caucuses,
mine is on Valentine’s Day. It’s fast approaching and I don’t want to end up
buying last minute chocolates at the pharmacy. I might not be big on giving
gifts on February 14, but I do enjoy put...

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Vegetable Paella
I grew up in Puerto Rico, and as a result, I grew up eating
rice every day. Often we ate rice twice a day. While most people are much more
familiar with the staple rice dishes, there are countless rice dishes that add
variety and nutrition to what otherwise...

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Old Fashioned Rican - Revisited
Recently, a gentleman at a networking event asked me if the
drink in my hand was an Old Fashioned. "It is" - I said. “What
gave it away?” “You seem like an old fashioned guy”
– he said. I chose to take that as a compliment. After all, I love a
good Old Fash...
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