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Hi everyone 

Here is my blog if anyone is interested in a bit of saturday reading :)

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Hi everyone!

I'm Laura I have just started my blog. I started watching beauty vlogs about 2 years ago as I slowly got more interested in make up. I have tried loads of new products because of peoples recommendations  so I thought I should start a blog. My blog is pretty new I decided to start it just after new year to see how I get on over the year. My blog will not just be about beauty products I will be including other random day to day things if i think they are interesting enough :P

I like to  bake so on occasions there will be pictures of my experiments if they have went well, if they haven't went that well I would have probably ate them to hide the evidence :)

As the year goes on I will see how things go as to what I will/will not include in my blog ... it all depends on interest really!

Let me know what you think, my blog is :
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