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The Crazy Long Australian "Road Train" (

Why does it always seem like #Australia is home to the craziest stuff? Just one look at their biodiversity - specifically all the insanely poisonous/venomous/dangerous animals that live there - confirms they are truly an island unto themselves.

It applies to vehicles as well. Here in America, our rules only permit #trucks to weigh up to 80,000 pounds spread across 18 wheels. But in Australia, with long stretches of road between stretches across The Outback, the rules are a bit different.

To reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency, semi trucks down under can weight up to 300,000 pounds and have multiple trailers. These behemoths are effectively known as "road trains" and are a common sight in Australia.

"Australia - a country road trains. In the Australian outback, where for hundreds of kilometers around you to meet a couple of other cattle-farms, or "stations", as they call them, train - a vital necessity. After all, in order to deliver the goods to the destination of the train, the owner, such as a sheep station would have to get their living from the load to the nearest railway hundreds of kilometers. Road trains - powerful trucks, which stretches for two, three (and sometimes more) of a huge trailer, capable in a matter of days to cross the Green Continent, connecting the country's states and territories."

Click here to see them in action:

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Why Your Trucks and Fleet Vehicles are in Good Hands with Us (

Your fleet vehicles are a critical component to your #business and its success. It's why you don't want to skimp when it comes to who you choose to service and repair them.

It's also why regular care and preventative maintenance are so critical. If your business has a fleet of vehicles or even just one, you need to make sure every single component of them are in pristine working order - something +Fleet Services of Utah excels in:

_"Here at Fleet Services, we specialize in fleet vehicle services. For years we have been performing both preventative maintenance and extensive repairs for all sizes of fleets. Our experienced technicians and staff have been serving the vehicle repair and maintenance needs of Utah County and surrounding areas. We understand how important your fleet vehicles are to your business, and are dedicated to providing them with the quick and reliable service they need to make sure your business has as little downtime as possible and keep your vehicles on the road."

Click here to learn more about what sets us apart from other fleet vehicle repair shops:

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Tennessee Might Start Seeing Driverless Trucks Sooner than Later (

While we're still a few years out from a "Minority Report" like future where most cars on the road are in full-autopilot mode, the #technology behind driverless cars is advancing and improving at a quick pace.

And given how many of them are on the road at any given point, the next logical step is to start seeing driverless semi trucks fairly soon. This article discusses how the Oak Ridge Laboratory is targeting Tennessee as its testing ground for driverless trucks:

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory's new director said Wednesday the lab is considering testing in Chattanooga related to autonomous driving and long-haul trucking. Also, lab chief Dr. Thomas Zacharia said during a visit to the city's Innovation District that a Chattanooga office set up last year "absolutely" will remain in place as the lab tries to forge new partnerships with EPB, businesses, and others."

"'We see ORNL as not just a national lab but as a regional force,' he said. 'We really want to make sure we play that role working with Chattanooga.' Zacharia, a lab veteran who became its director July 1, said the laboratory is looking for funds to help finance the long-haul trucking testing that could take place on a test track already in place off Amnicola Highway."

Click here to read the rest:

#trucking #tennessee #trucks
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Your Trusted Tire Experts (

Stop and think about it for a second - your #tires are your vehicle's only element that actually touch the road. When you consider that, it's apparent how important they are to your vehicle, even though they don't get as much attention as your engine or transmission.

Regular care and preventative maintenance, like rotation and alignment, are so critical. If your business has a fleet of vehicles or even just one, you need to make sure your tires are in tip-top shape - something +Fleet Services of Utah excels in.

Your average mechanic can't handle the massive tires that buses and trucks require - we can, and we offer commercial grade, professional quality to every rotation we do:

"As is the case with personal vehicles, your fleet vehicles need regular tire rotations. It's a quick, easy procedure that goes a long way towards adding to your company's bottom line. Rotated tires last longer, which can be a huge benefit by itself considering how much new tires can be for your fleet. Beyond that, tire rotation staves off damage to your suspension, steering, ball joints, powertrain, and even improves gas mileage. Multiplied by several vehicles and it's easy to see the importance of rotation. Here at Fleet Services, we can handle rotation on just about any fleet vehicle you might have. Many shops simply turn away commercial trucks that we service every day. Do yourself and your fleet a favor and have all your tire rotations done here."

Learn more here:

#tire #truck #vehicle
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Not Every Mechanic Offers On-Site Glass Replacement...We Do (

There are a lot of things that set +Fleet Services of Utah apart from your typical fleet vehicle repair shop. First and foremost, our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and exceedingly honest - which should be standard, but you'd be surprised how many aren't.

We also handle a lot of services that many mechanics and fleet vehicle repair shops outsource, such as glass replacement. We pride ourselves on being a true one-stop shop for truckers and fleet vehicle operators/owners. Your trucks and vehicles take a real beating out on the road, and chips and cracks in the windshields are all too common. You definitely do not want to let those minor chips become major cracks, which is another benefit to having repairs done on-site with your regular maintenance:

"There's no question that the hauling and long hours take their toll on your fleet. Whether you use your fleet for local package deliveries, construction site work horses, or over the road long hauls; the longer hours mean more opportunities for window damage. Because of regulations placed on commercial vehicles, it's important to get glass replacement done at the first sign of cracks or chips. Normal jostling and vibrations from driving can make small issues into serious visibility issues. If you're in need of glass replacement on any of your fleet vehicles, come to Fleet Services first. There's virtually no fleet vehicle we can't replace a window on from pickup trucks to trailer rigs and everything in between."

Learn more or schedule an appointment here:

#truck #trucks #windshield
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Make Sure Your Suspension is in Top Form for a Smooth Ride (

Let us start off by saying that unless you're in the state of Hawaii, riding in the back of a pickup truck like you see in this #gif is illegal...and regardless of where you live, it's pretty darn unsafe, so don't do it.

However, this is from a movie (bonus points if you can name it...) and we're only using it to humorously illustrate a point. If your struts, shocks, or any component of your vehicle's suspension system are out of whack, it can make for a very bumpy ride. Thankfully, our crew here at +Fleet Services of Utah are experts in dealing with suspension problems:

"If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you know how important a role they play in your company's continued success. Whether it's just one vehicle or a number of commercial trucks, buses, or RVs, the steering and suspension systems in them need to be properly repaired when needed and maintained to last longer. Even slight problems in this system can wind up costing you unnecessary money and lost time by your vehicles not being on the road where your business needs them. Here at Fleet Services, we are a dedicated repair facility specialized in all fleet vehicle types including buses and RVs. If one or more of your fleet vehicles need any kind of steering and suspension repairs, don't hesitate, come to us right away. Our ASE Certified fleet specialists know how to ensure your steering and suspension repair keeps those components and your drivers safe and your vehicles on the road."

Click here to learn more:

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Trust Your Truck's Engine to the Best Fleet Mechanics (

When your #engine starts to act up and is in need of repair, it's always a concern. There are a lot of expensive and important moving parts to your vehicle, but the engine ranks the highest.

And understandably, it's even more of a concern if the truck in question is a semi or another type of large commercial fleet vehicle. Thankfully, the staff here at +Fleet Services of Utah are experts at repairing and maintaining both, but fleet vehicles get a lot more wear and tear than your average truck, so special care must be taken for all of its components.

We'll keep this short and simple - if you drive a #diesel engine vehicle, whether it's a semi or a small sedan turbo, we can fix it. Doesn't matter if it's a fleet of commercial vehicles or a single pickup or van - our team of expert professionals can run a full diagnostic report and not only address and identify the issue, but fix it.

From basic tune-ups to full rebuilds, we can get you running. We also make our appointment and scheduling system simple - just click the following link and book a slot that works for you. That's it!

#truck #vehicle #trucking
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Make Sure Your Ventilation System is Working Properly (

First of all, let's all take a moment to enjoy one of the most iconic gifs that gets used all the time on the Internet - this one of Nicolas Cage letting his hair blow in the breeze from 1997's classic "Con-Air".

Why are we using this #gif you may be asking yourself? Because when your vehicle's air conditioning is working properly, this is pretty much exactly what you look like when you pump it up to the max on a blistering hot day.

If your ventilation system is preventing you from feeling as good as Mr. Cage does in this image, we can help:

"One daunting challenge in operating a commercial fleet of vehicles is how to get both longevity and economy out of them. Regardless if the fleet is two vehicles or hundreds, every little bit helps. One such area is the vehicle's heating and air conditioning repair needs. A ventilation system that has clogged filters, or a compressor that's going out works harder. This translates to more power draw which comes directly from the engine. It doesn't take much change to dramatically affect fuel economy over the long term. When your fleet's vehicles are on the road every day, it adds up to much larger costs just to operate. Luckily, Fleet Services is here, and we're able to handle any size fleet vehicle and any size fleet with great ventilation system repair. Our excellent HVAC repair services will make sure you're not spending more at the pump than you should be."

Click here to learn more or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle today:

#funny #vehicle #airconditioning
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Get Your Alignment Perfect with Our Pros (

You don't have to be a #mechanic or even know too much about cars and trucks to know that your wheels are pretty important. And a big part of making sure they're working how they should and getting you safely where you need to go is making sure they are aligned properly.

This is only more critical when you're talking about a large truck or semi with many wheels. Thankfully, we can handle even the largest fleet vehicle alignment issues:

"When it comes to your fleet, one of the most important things is getting the most out of every gallon you put in. As your vehicles travel, bumps, potholes, and normal wear can all contribute to unaligned wheels. If you've got a vehicle with poor alignment, it's costing you money in more than just fuel. Steering, suspension, brake, bearings, joints and many other components can be negatively affected by bad alignment. Fleet Services is here to help. We offer excellent medium and heavy truck wheel alignment services. Our shop is fully capable of handling any size fleet and virtually any fleet vehicle. Many shops simply can't handle the larger, commercial vehicles we see every day. Let our expert commercial vehicle team makes sure all your wheels are aligned and keeping your profits where they belong."

Click here to learn more or make an appointment today:

#trucks #fleet #alignment
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Don't Underestimate the Importance of Regular Filter Monitoring and Changing on Your Vehicle (

When most people think of a commercial/industrial grade #mechanic shop that regularly fixes fleet vehicles for major businesses, they think of big jobs like engine replacements or differential repairs.

And those big jobs (and others) do comprise a lot of what we do here at +Fleet Services of Utah - but that's not to say we don't work on the small stuff too. Your oil, air, and other filters make up a crucial component of your vehicle's system and shouldn't be overlooked:

"No matter what vehicles make up your company's fleet, they all rely heavily on a variety of internal filters. Filters remove potentially dangerous pollutants, particles, toxins, and metal fragments from the fluids and air that keep your vehicles running. Fuel filters separate useable fuel from things that can cause major engine damage. When it comes to air, both your engine and your lungs depend on working filters. The engine air filter ensures the purity of air/fuel mixture, while the cabin air filter purifies the air you breathe while on the road."

"Oil filters provide the same protection for the lubricant protecting everything inside your engine block. Even the transmission has a filter that keeps its complex moving parts safe from damage. From end to end, your fleet vehicles use several filters including elements in the exhaust system. Make sure you have Fleet Service's expert team on your side. We can handle any filter on virtually any commercial vehicle, so you're not losing money just by having your fleet on the road."

Click here to schedule an appointment today:

#vehicle #truck #driving
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