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The Top 10 SEO Mistakes still made after Penguin
This is my latest article, I hope you like it, and that you find it informative. 
The Top 10 SEO Mistakes still made after Penguin

Since the Penguin update, the SEO section of our business has noted a series of basic mistakes still plaguing sites looking to improve their SERP rankings. I thought I would mention the top 10 errors that we find on client sites, almost every time. 
In our SEO Practice at TekPersona, we are often bemused by some of the basic mistakes that continue to occur on a majority of web sites; especially after the
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how do you get around the Keyword Cannibalization for "Wedding Photographer” – “Wedding Photography”- “Wedding Photos” – “Wedding Pictures” – “Wedding Portraits" ? 

its one of the things we being doing normally and not to aggressively.  should we split the list in different pages with 2 or 3 of those each?
+Pedro Carvalho Think of it from the point of view of who is looking for you: "Affordable Wedding Photography, specializing in pictures, portraits, and photos of all types, all sizes - we can work within your budget."  <---- That is the type of keyword that Google would appreciate, and mark for every combination, of those words, and from every order. You get a hit for each word, each two words, each three words, each four words, etc. Each word of that long-tail (phrase) can combine with the word Wedding, and/or the word Photography. That is just one example, just look at what search hits you get from that phrase. Where do I send the invoice? (kidding) 
+J.C. Kendall If I have a business name and website with an unusual spelling of a common word (i.e. but say I want to be conservative in case someone misspells my word.  Is it okay to also buy up the correctly spelled domain name (i.e. with the specific intent to only use the 301 redirect and the "rel = canonical" in case someone misspells the unique spelling we created for our business/domain? 

I just want to be safe about it but also redirect users to the correct page in case they misspell the name - which hopefully would become successfully branded enough that people would eventually know it without needing a redirect ;)
It is not only okay, but very important that you do so, because if you get traffic others will, and some of the resulting destinations could harm your brand, big time. Absolutely buy up any potential mispellings and provide a 301 redirect to your proper domain. 
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