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Morning Mush

The sun can shine, but also burn
Our lives are not only to live, but to learn
You can have lots of money, and have wonderful health
But the love of a woman is the only true wealth
You can do well in business with your little start –up
But what will you do if she chooses to rip your heart up?
If you have a good woman who stands by your side
Don’t be shy with your love, this she will not abide.
Your life’s clock is ticking; one day it will end.
Don’t leave words unspoken to your forever best friend.
Just a hand on her back, or a kiss on her cheek
Just a little “I Love You” is good for a week
She wants to tell her friends all about her man
Give her stuff to share, give her as much as you can
One day you’ll be leaving her or she’ll be leaving you,
Do you want to live a day with things undone you need to do?
Now go find your woman and do what you can to make her day,
For that woman picked your sorry ass. Don’t let her get away.
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Was posting from my phone, but wanted to elaborate. I've always told my wife no matter what success I have in life it doesn't mean a thing unless I have someone to share it with and am grateful she's in my life as well as the kids. Just wanted to add to your wonderful post +J.C. Kendall
+Ralph Mendoza Some times I get silly about it, but sometimes Su Ann just gives me a look, or laughs in a way that just sends me into stupid-land. I'm a grown-ass man, but she makes me feel like a teenager. Love is good thing. Just wish it was not so late in life that I get to experience what it's REALLY like.
Well said J.C. I am amazed at how many years it took me to learn how to properly appreciate and love the one I share my life with. Now that I have finally stopped being stupid, I have found more joy in life than I ever thought possible.
This is very well stated, +J.C. Kendall It sincerely resonates with me, as someone that has already died once, the one thing that I PROMISED myself was that I would NEVER hold back ( or worry about how it was going to be received or perceived ) from telling people that I love, I love them. If I love ya, I tell ya. Now if it happens again, at least I KNOW I've taken care of the most important thing in life before I left. 8-)
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