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Just a quick question?

If I become a Crackhead, and destroy my talent because I need to be "keeping it real", can I get a kick-ass funeral across multiple tv-channels too, when I mix prescription drugs with my Guinness and drown in my hot-tub?

Is anyone else sickened by this?
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Yes, and in addition we'll have the flags fly at half-mast. No problem.
I'm sad that she's gone, sadder still that the country has gone apeshit over this sad story.
I had even heard on the radio that some places were going to fly flags at half mast. They won't do it for our military heroes but will for crackhead.
no but maybe it would give you a little compassion for the death of someone who struggled in life and lost a battle to drug addiction..
I sing kinda like Ringo.... is that singing?
I have feet of clay too, but still the hype disgusts me.
I think the fair way to think about this is that she made emotional connections to a lot of people and this funeral is about them and not her.

But I hate this as much as you do, +J.C. Kendall so I'm not going to be fair.
america loves when people fail spectacularly as much as we love when people redeem themselves.

the people who just dont fuck up in the first place are the ones on the margins.
+Mari Thomas No offense, but she is worm food. This is about these idiots at the funeral, and the obsequious networks helping to perpetuate this fraud.
+Acadia Einstein has the right of it.We love Drama. Whitney, Micheal and Amy Winehouse had that in spades.
I appreciate her talent, but she squandered it over drugs. at that point, i don't really care. its not like she was defending our country in the desert and was killed in the line of duty or anything...
+J.C. Kendall I am sickened by this too. So many important people who have changed the world for the better die everyday... and how much publicity do they get?
+J.C. Kendall didnt the guy who wrote C recently die? Now that man should be mourned, but he was a quiet, steady drama..
+Mari Thomas - I don't think compassion and indignation are, or need to be, mutually exclusive. I think it's perfectly possible (and logically valid) to feel compassion for Whitney's struggle and death while simultaneously feeling a healthy amount of indignation at her choices and the spectacle now being made.
+J.C. Kendall her music was amazing, and i grew up listening to her, I am very saddened that she lost her battle with drug addiction, just as saddened as i am that she became addicted at all.

She leaves behind a grieving family , and a whole generation of people who would have loved to see her succeed.. She touched people world wide, and for her home town and the nation to grieve at her passing is very human and very normal.

We have erected monuments and have holidays to people who have made a lot more horrific decisions in their personal life than Whitney Houston.

She lived, she shared an amazing voice and talent with the world , she married had a family, and she became addicted to drugs and probably died of the complications.. Celebrating her life on a scale equal to the pedestal we put her on seems very fitting.. Rest in peace Whitney .. :(
Erryone..can I just hate Bobby Brown more now?
+Eric Albin That was Dennis Richie, who's left thumb on any given day, did more for the world than Whitney Houston in her entire life.
+J.C. Kendall precisely. But no drama.He just did
quietly, without all sorts of battles, etc.
Agree so much. What is the message we hear from the media. You're nobody unless you make bad choices ? I'm sad too...she had many more opportunities thrown at her than I would see in 10 lifetimes but I guess I made too many right choices
I am not sickened because I don't watch TV. Even if I did watch TV... there are just so many other things wrong I really couldn't care less about any of this stuff :D I am sad for the loss of life but that's about it for me.
Not really. Honestly, when people succumb to drug addiction, it's really sad. I don't suffer from addiction, but I do think dealing with it must be harder than I can imagine. It's hard to have sympathy for a lazy, rich drug addict who wastes herself like Casey Johnson did, but when they had real talent, it really bums me out.

However, the media circus surrounding her death is a little sickening, but then, it's the family that's permitting this kind of crap to go on, and they're only doing it to share this time with her fans. So it's kind of hard to be mad at anybody.
+Mari Thomas Do you think, were she shunned, it might have a more beneficial impact on black youth, then to treat her as if she cured cancer?
+J.C. Kendall no, I dont.. I think they shunned her enough in life, when so many more have battled drug addiction and were treated more fairly. I only see tragedy here.. Addiction is an illness, there are many who took the same drugs she did and stopped at some point recovered and moved on.. she couldnt stop.. :(
Americans, frankly, are unduly obsessed with celebrity. Many people don't have confidence that their own life is worth much, so they hang on those who appear to have worth. Sadly, Whitney Houston is more famous now, when she is dead, than she has been for the last 10 years. The media has made it a priority to cater to voyeurism - and that's what this is. It's like stopping to see a train wreck. Sad that she suffered from addiction and it killed her in the end, but hers is just one more sad story. The difference is that her fame makes people want to watch.. and get histrionic about it.
+Mari Thomas Addiction is CHOICE. Personal responsibility matters. We are talking about a rich, successful woman, who took up with a thug, because people teased her for "sounding white". She was so insecure, she adopted that lifestyle rather than tell hangers-on to pound sand. Drugs did not kill Whitney Houston. Her own stupid choices did.
+Mari Thomas as someone who has seen friends die because of things they "couldn't" help, I have to disagree.
Using words like "struggle" and "battle" imply that they tried. Sometimes people just don't care.

I'm not hard hearted, I am just fascinated by the fact that Whitney and Amy Winehouse "struggled" while Charlie Sheen is just considered an asshole.

They all had the resources in the world to get clean. They were just to arrogant to do it. Sorry to rant, but this is hitting a nerve.
+J.C. Kendall Exactly, it was her choice. Self destructive behavior is just that SELF-destructive. Whitney had an amazing God-given talent and she squandered it. You don' just "accidently" abuse drugs. At some point she made a conscious choice.
+J.C. Kendall Addiction is not choice, it is a medical reaction that some people have to certain chemicals. Millions take the same medications and do not get addicted, It is a sickness that takes over everything, take a look at the people addicted to krocodil.. still shooting up with bits of their body rotting down to the bone.. Every doctor that you talk to can confirm that addiction is chemical.
I am totally with you on the addiction issue +J.C. Kendall - it is a choice and a weakness. However, funerals are for the living, not the dead. I am glad to see a service that is glorifying Ms. Houston's faith, and remembering the good things she did for her family, her friends and her fans. She made bad choices and her life is marked by those choices, but our lives are all a combination of those good and bad choices.
It is sad and it make me angry to see people with God given talent destroy their lives. Michael Jackson, Whitney and so many others. Many artists are just not emotionally equipped to deal with life sometimes. But it is a bit lame to wash over the what had become of Whitney. She was not the person we all admired so many years ago. Unlike so many other addicts she had resources to turn too and sadly couldn't get herself straightened out. She should be a cautionary tail.
+Clinton Hammond Whitney Houston (73) from Murfreesboro, TN, maintains her innocence in this matter and refers all inquiries to her attorney.
+Acadia Einstein I so agree - I have seen it so many times. And it's not just one bad choice made, it's the same damn choice to go and shoot H up the veins again and again and again (or whatever drug of choice). It's a choice against rehab, against seeking help, against people and family who are willing to help.

Ind if you think it's an illness - go frigging see the doc!
+Acadia Einstein Damn dude, keep spreading wisdom like that, and I'm going to have to stop teasing you about those tights...
The funeral being broadcast (and I am watching it sporadically) has quite a few people who are trying keep the topic on possible redemption through faith in a loving God. I agree with that. However, the hype surrounding it, and the appearance of some people whose faith I seriously doubt, is truly despicable. I'm hoping the better message is getting through to whoever is watching, but I'm not holding my breath.
+Acadia Einstein Charlie Sheen is an ass, but lets put that aside, he is also a hedonist, and a self destructive one. I see no real tragedy with him, or Amy or several other stars from back in "my day".How many remember the 90's groups that had so many members die do to drug use? Sad that they died, perhaps, but they did it to themselves.t was avoidable.
Good questions from Twitter: Will Anthony Shadid's funeral get this kind of coverage?
Stars need attention, acceptance and validation. Inflammatory posts on the internet are strikingly similar. 48 comments and 17 +1's say mission accomplished!

And all we've learned is how someone can express their apathy and look for someone else to say "Yeah! It's OK to say, think and act that way! Me too!"

Hooray for the gang mob mentality, alive and well in 2012 :)
+Acadia Einstein i fully understand how you feel about it, something that makes you want that thing, and only that thing, is an addiction, addicts are often not in a sane state of mind do to the cravings from the drugs, they often build up a physical dependence and literally feel like they are dying (because they are) when they stop cold turkey .. They need medical help.. But Addiction also leaves behind a lot of victims, (family, friends, and anyone around them) so i can understand the anger, but it wont help end addiction.. you cannot judge or shame away a medical condition, even if the drugs were taken by choice in the beginning, once it becomes and actual physical addiction.. it is no longer about will power and completely about biology.
+Mari Thomas So, we are to then believe that Whitney Houston had no idea that Crack was addictive? Or are we to assume that the crack leaped from the pipe into her mouth as she strolled down the sidewalk? It-was-a-choice.
Anyone with sense, would know not to go near that shit. The point is, when idiots do go near that shit, that we shame them, not praise them, forgive them, and give the impression to the young that its okay. Its not okay. She is not forgiven. She had a child. No excuse.
+Mari Thomas I agree. But people of means can take measures that others cannot.

And feeling like dying > dying.
Whitney Houston died?

(j/k ffs)
+J.C. Kendall again, blaming and shaming and judging will not fix this, she is not alone in having gone through this, Even though i have never used an illegal drug,( not even marijuana ) I grew up in a poor community during the height of the crack cocaine and love boat epidemics, So i watched many Whitneys try it once with their friends or boyfriends and become addicts .. It is tragic beyond belief .. Everyone has done at least one stupid thing that they cannot take back.. (most of us more than one :P) In her case drugs was the stupid thing. and unlike the people doing it with her, her biology wouldnt let her stop, and no one could force her.
+Tim McDaniel Not all addictions are the same.. I am happy that you are recovering!! congrats and good luck!! But it reminds me of alcohol addiction, some people go into DT's and and die, some survive and never touch another drink, some quit halfway through and start drinking again..
For me this is just indicative of the culture of celebrity worship. I would say in the US, but it is just as bad in pretty much any developed country.

I think they only circumstance in which a celebrity would be shamed in death would be if they committed murder-suicide. Anything short of that and everyone falls over themselves to lionize them and, they hope, bask in the reflected glow.

Just look at the death of Michael Jackson. Sure, he used to be talented, but he hadn't done anything of note in years other than defend himself against allegations he was a pedo. Still, people fell all over themselves weeping and mourning.
+Mark Salmi Actually, we are, if there was something on those channels we intended to watch instead.
"Addiction is not choice... It is a sickness"
I'm sorry, but about the only people I hear touting that outdated nonsense are 12 Steppers who need to believe that everyone is as weak as they are... That every other user/abuser of a recreational high NEEDS to be stopped and NEEDS that same program that they (think they) needed to stop.

There are LOTS of people who use alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or even harder drugs, and they do not ruin their whole lives doing it.... People who LET these things ruin their lives are doing that of their own accord (Most likely through inaction... but the choice to do nothing is still a choice)
+Tim McDaniel I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. That's just like the clowns who say that people without children cant detect a brat. Addition does not happen before CHOICE. It is CHOICE that makes you responsible. Drugs do not take YOU, you take THEM. I am so sick of this forgiveness for failure. Do people screw up? Sure. When we make mistakes, we should own up to them, so as to prevent them in the future. In some cases, we should pay, and pay dearly; especially when we know better, and succumb to a stupid idea. When some doctor can convince me, that my love for In-N-Out Burger is a disease, that my truck takes me there against my will, and that I have no defense, I will then consider addition beyond my ability to understand.
Just for the record, Whitney Houston's rendition of The Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV remains the greatest it has ever been done, ever. If you don't remember, it's on YouTube. It still brings a tear to my eye when I hear it...yes, it's that awesome.
One point I want to stress, is that this thread was not supposed to be about addiction, but about those who would use this occasion for celebration, rather than something to be ashamed of. My opinion is that a quiet funeral would have been better than this pretentious grief-fest.
Regardless of addiction (and to be honest, if this is about it being sad that she was a "victim" of addition, there should be an actual focus throughout the circus on this bringing awareness, making resources better known, outreach programs, etc)... I agree with +J.C. Kendall that this, as well as the other celebrity funerals are out of control. If people want to have memorials, mourn in their own way, create tribute albums, because she touched their lives in some way, that's fine, but let's not take away from what actually happened. A funeral should be for loved ones, grieving, celebrating the life of the deceased, quietly and as peacefully as possible. The thing that bothers me the most is that our Gov chose to lower the flag to half-staff for her, which is supposed to be a very high honor, but he doesn't always do this for actual heroes. If he wants to bring attention to it, instead of lowering the flag, give a speech about how we lost yet another NJ-native to drug abuse, and what he plans to do to help other residents avoid this same fate.
+J.C. Kendall said: "Do people screw up? Sure. When we make mistakes, we should own up to them, so as to prevent them in the future."

I absolutely agree with this. I have some sympathy for people with addiction, largely because I am not them, and have no idea what it is like for them. But they need to own up to the mistake they made and admit that what they did was stupid. Do nut just cry about being sick and play the victim card. Yes, it will be hard to quit, but I will give you a lot more credit if you man up and accept responsibility first.
What funeral? Oh that was today,I was busy watching something about the third reich's fall on history channel. No not racist just interesting how millions were hypnotized by one man.
I should mention, the only reason I know about the huge funeral is because one of my employees was in a wedding today and the church is up the street from the funeral so the bride and groom were completely freaking out about how people were going to get there. I guess I will find out when we get back to work next week how it ended up turning out, but I imagine it was a complete disaster trying to have a wedding right by this.
You damn well better NOT do that or I'll catch the next freakin plane out & smack you into sense myself, Mister! Don't EVEN think I won't do it, either!
Yes, I am sickened by it all. I wished all these people payed this much attention when she was still alive & NEEDED help. (& before the comments start, yes, I KNOW SOME of them DID try to help, I'm talking about all the media & leeches that are exploiting this situation.)
I'll try not to repeat myself. :p Coming as I do from a family through which the scourge of addiction cut a very wide swath, I have seen that it is a choice. No sympathy here.

Also, from what I've seen on the news, Whitney's funeral became the typical "talent show" kind of thing that cheapens so many funerals. 'Funny' too, I think that the body is getting buried. I consider body burying to be superstitious woo. ;)
Sickened yes, surprised no. Society cares too much about talent and not enough about the dysfunction that's often hiding behind it. If you're good enough at this then we're willing to ignore your disregard for that. The more awesome the person the more we're willing to ignore. Sad but true.
One of the reasons I don't feel compassion or sympathy for addicts is:

compassion and sympathy are not helpful
+L. Gray Thanks L , I never understand why people refuse to accept addiction as a medical condition, It has already been proven.. But i guess it is human nature for some to down play someones tragedy and turn it into something they could have fixed if they wanted to, some people cant.. It is also human nature to think that "if I can do it, anyone can" but that isnt true either, there are plenty of situations when two normal healthy people cannot do the same thing with the same situation..

I think it comforts people if they can point a finger and pass a judgement on why something horrible has taken place. It makes them feel safe, in thinking it could never happen to them because they would never be so ______fill in the blank, (stupid, lazy, careless, reckless ) .. I often hear the same about victims of rape or theft and victims of the banking crash (as though anyone could have seen that coming) ..

Trying these drugs are stupid, but let he who hasnt ever been stupid cast the first stone. She made a bad choice in marriage, but with the divorce rate at 50% that is hardly uncommon, Her music did help shape my life and get me through some really hard times.. She didnt have to sing.. she could have kept her voice to herself and lived a normal life,, But she wanted to be a star, and that life introduced her to drugs.

People grieve in different ways, the media reaction is insane, but this is their realm she was their peer and they should grieve in what ever way suits them, and comforts them.. sorry so long :P
+J.C. Kendall proven!! they have even isolated a genetic marker for people at risk of developing an addiction to certain things, The problem is that the bias makes people hesitant to accept it. I will be glad when people can set aside their judgments and just look at the biological and the human aspect of this.
+Clinton Hammond for me it is enough that addiction (for some) seems to over ride every other basic human instinct imaginable, right down to and including death, But the science is there too..

There are people who are very heavy users, and they can stop although they dont want to,, and then there are people who can, and do stop under extreme duress.. and then there are people for whom the drug over rides peer pressure, parental instincts, family ties, all morality and it even over rides their basic survival instincts.. That screams biological ..
+Mari Thomas Although I've said addiction was not the subject of this thread, I'm going to point out that you and others do addicts no favors by refusing to acknowledge that these are losers who made the choice to take these drugs in the first place. Even if you were right, I would not give a rats ass, because none of all this crap about addition was present when the ORIGINAL DECISION TO TAKE DRUGS was made. So, your entire argument is irrelevant. I dont care if drugs turn people's brains to gravy, they had a choice to NOT take them. When they do, my concern for them ENDS.
The subject of this thread is the funeral. Period.
+J.C. Kendall is there not one mistake that you have ever knowingly made in your entire life? I dont hold anyone blameless, and I do think that they need help and they have to want help.. should that invalidate every other thing they did with their lives? Should there be no compassion for those who are suffering from an addiction so strong that it is killing them. and they know it. ?

The funeral is about grieving, she lived a high profile life, her peers were singers, producers, media professionals, actors, actresses, etc, I would expect this kind of funeral from that arena, just as I expected all of the e tributes to Steve Jobs, and all of the code tributes to Dennis Ritchie.. It comes with the territory and as far as them sweeping her drug abuse under the table, i can only imagine that quite a few of the people at her funeral were at the very same after parties, doing the very same drugs, at the very same time that she was,. TV is media, those were her peers, the coverage is expected, people grieve in different ways.
+Mari Thomas When all else fails, make it personal? Whatever. When I make mistakes, I expect nobody to make excuses for me, or use my mistakes as an excuse for self-aggrandizement. When I make mistakes, the point is to learn from them, not be absolved of responsibility. Oh, how I wish I could blame my hamburger addiction on "changes in my brain", but I cant, because I am a responsible adult, and not a coddled celebrity. This nation has created entire industries devoted to preventing people from taking responsibility for their actions. I could not care less about whether the woman could sing. Her epitaph, is that she was a nasty, dirty little Crackhead. I am certain America has produced more than one Crackhead who could sing.
She could be use as example of a person with a gift, who wasted a life that could have been full of achievements. Something along 'look what can happen... it doesn't matter if you are talented, beautiful and rich... adiction destroys'.
+J.C. Kendall i am not trying to make it a personal attack, but i am trying to personalize it because there is a big point that you are missing, drugs are designed to be addictive.. they are not like hamburgers, (unless you mean mcdonalds ones:P) drugs are designed to create an artificial desire in you body that makes you feel as if they are essential, make you feel as if you will stop breathing .. i do not make excuses for things that people do to themselves, but i do believe that hindsight is 20/20 and you cannot travel back in time and undo a mistake, it is almost impossible to stop biological events with will power, and that cannot be our only treatment for drug damage.. That being said, people do not run around calling you a dirty nasty little hamburgerhead, if you became 400lbs and couldnt stop eating hamburgers would you deserve that as your legacy? (although food addiction also becomes biological and the morbidly obese will literally eat themselves to death, and some die trying to go cold turkey because their bodies shut down) . I think many are judging her unfairly, and many are worshiping her too much. She was just a person, with an amazing voice, who made herself sick and couldnt get out of the spiral.
+Mari Thomas "Dirty, Nasty, Hamburger Head" <--- YES! (but I don't weigh 400 pounds..) "DNHH", baby! Stealing it!
The neolithic incompetence of the media never ceases to stagger my imagination.
Sickened is an understatement.
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