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I tried to share this, but it was only posted within circles. Screw that. It needs reading by everyone, so I am posting it again. Deal with it.
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Something that might interest you is that poor white folks get the same treatment. Someone has a vested interest in making the poor of all "races" hate each other. I can tell you as a poor white (apparently, I'm actually multi racial and do not consider myself, in my heart of hearts, to be white) woman I was treated just as shabbily by the police. A man, black, broke into my house and raped me. I only tried to get a restraining order. They brought the man, whose name I did not even know, to my house to collect his "things" because he claimed he lived with me . . almost lost me my apartment because the police told housing and there were rules about that. While he went through every fucking drawer in my house, including my underwear drawer, the police laughed and told me that a restraining order meant I could not bother this poor man either. Made some pretty annoying and uncalled for comments. I was left feeling raped again. I list that as one of the worst experiences of my life. But there were quite a few times the police treated me badly while I lived in North Carolina.

Some day the poor of all colors need to band together and kick the police in the face. We are the same! We eat the same things. Drink the same beer. Watch the same television. WE ARE THE SAME. We need to stop the nonsense that say only blacks are targeted. Or the ones that say whites have it better. The people with MONEY have it better. The rest of us . . . are just an annoyance to them.
The drug dealing and gangs from all over the world. There is all these that think it is a brotherhood. People stop killing in jails and out side them. :(
+Gwenny Todd How does one respond to that? I am sorry about what happened to you. But, I would caution you not to paint with such a broad brush as those who you accuse. There are wealthy people who care a great deal for others.
Thank's +J.C. Kendall, good share and good perspective. I live in a city where we see very few murders in a year, we haven't been in double digits in years and rarely go over 5. I do try and keep up on this but living where I do the only coverage we really get is when Rev. Al get's involved. Thank you for putting this in perspective.
I did not say there were not folks with money who cared. I believe I was talking about the police. And, for the most part, unless you have money or some other in with the police, you can expect less than pleasant experiences with them.

And there IS a war against the poor. The problems in this country are not racial . . they are social. If you have money, you get treated well. If you don't, you can expect less than stellar service from police and their like.
Money is just another form of power I do believe.
+Gwenny Todd Okay, gotta chime in again. I've got a bit of money. After buying my first expensive car, I was pulled over on a regular basis for "fitting the description". When I would flash my Microsoft badge, the cops would generally blush and go away. Race does play a role. I will never have enough money for some to not have a problem with my race. That is reality. Me? I've got a real problem with Eskimos.
+Gwenny Todd I have a very close friend from church who is a cop and we have had this conversation. He says a lot of the problem is the treatment they receive. They try to be fair and just, it is their job after all. The problem is some people go into a situation with an attitude he says. When a police officer pulls someone over or responds to a call they are met with attitude. This attitude can be polite, harsh, angry, defensive or abusive. These people are only human and as hard as they may try they cannot always keep their emotions pent up.

He says a majority of the people are kind and understanding for being pulled over. But when someone is giving them an attitude that is disrespectful they just want to answer the call and move on. The police are getting spread thinner and thinner. People demand lower taxes and city services get cut first. Administration is the last to go.

I am not saying you are giving the police attitude that they should treat you unfairly but people often bring on a response they don't like from the way they treat the police. This is just real life. When someone disrespects you I am sure you are none too happy to help them either?
In what kind of nation you live there??
In 2009 we had nationwide, all in all, 2300 cases of attempted murder, murder or manslaughter. The cases-solved percentage was at 96%.
It is more over related to mental illness that can only be treated and not cured. Addictions that cannot be always stopped and this includes alcohol. Then the endless cycle of abuse, suffering, anger, hate, misery loves company, and all those mental illness you can find in prisons combined going through merry go round ride of in an out.
Good piece, but he used the phrase "black leaders." You need to send him a copy of your post on that!
+Don Novotny , I have NEVER given a LEO any difficulty. In my six years in North Carolina, I seldom saw anyone give the police any trouble. I remember once the neighbor's nephew needed to get to the hospital because his girlfriend was there as the result of an accident. I allowed him to use my unregistered car. It had been unregistered for a couple of years, since my whole disposable income was was about six dollars a month. No one had ever bothered me. He made it 2 blocks before he was pulled over and ticketed. Yes, he was black. He was a good kid. He never did anything to bother anyone. He was a cartoonist.

Then there was the time that 2 of the neighbor kids throw a water melon through the window into my dark skinned baby's crib. (Yes, I almost married a black man.) I had just gotten her up to change her, or she would have been there to be injured or killed. She was only a few months old. The police officer came to my house and said the boys were under surveillance and they wouldn't let me press charges because of that. If I had had money, I could have fought it. I had nothing. I was no one that mattered.

I have half a dozen more stories . . and I also have stories from when I moved to Colorado and managed a convenience store that offered the police of all sorts 10 cent refills on coffee. I knew every police, Highway Patrolman and sheriff in our county. There were two incidents that would have led to the arrest of a friend and a child if I had been poor. But at the time I was married to the son of millionaires. And the police all knew me. And the cases just . . went away.

So I reiterate. It's not about race. It's about class. It's about how much money you have.
This is a great piece and something the standard media outlets aren't talking about and likely never will because it is not politically expedient.

I am resharing...
What a short sighted and ridiculous article. Conservatives love to yap about a post-racial society but it is an empty bag. The reason the Trayvon Martin story is news is because Zimmerman is not in jail.

Take the horrifying examples from the article and find out if the attackers in those situations used a "stand your ground law" to avoid being arrested.

Then ask yourself if +J.C. Kendall shot a white 17 year old dead in his nice neighborhood and told the cops it was self defense, would he be in jail? Trying to call people who are outraged by the performance of the police racist is a nice dodge but it doesn't fly. Zimmerman is a loser cop wannabe. The news here is the ridiculous Sanford PD.

Come on people, you are all smarter than this.
Totally disagree +Acadia Einstein. The point is that there is very little media rage about the dozens of young black people that die daily in gang and drug activity or as innocent victims caught in the middle of gang and drug activity, but let a white guy (really a Hispanic guy) shoot a black kid and the Sharpton/Jackson roadshow rolls into town. How many of the gang bangers and other hoodlums are in jail that kill others every day?
The jails are full of them. Look in a jail. Look at the stats. Facts matter. There is also no "media rage" about kids who go hungry every night, but if a kid dropped dead of starvation in the middle of the ice rink in Rockefeller Center, it would be news.

The argument made in the article is false. News is news because it is an atypical story. Unfortunately, thousands of women get punched in the face by men every day. But it was national news when Chris Brown did it to Rhianna. Where was the equivalent article then accusing the media of racism? Pfft. Come on.
What you are actually pointing out +Acadia Einstein is that the day to day death of young black people is boring and therefore not news. But throw even a hint of a racial element into it, and now it is news. I call bullshit on that. Just because that is the way it is doesn't mean it is right.

The problems of kids like Trayvon and all those that are killed on a daily basis are not caused by white people persecuting them - they are primarily caused by their own neighbors and the so-called "black leadership" filling their heads with how to be victims. I am with Bill Cosby and others like him that point out that we are most often our own worst enemies.
+Daniel Bobke again, the news part is the inaction of the police. Facts don't go away. The Sanford police didn't arrest Zimmerman. They treated Martin like a John Doe when he wasn't one. He had a cell phone on him RINGING in the police station and they didn't answer it.

"Kids like Trayvon"? Kids who get killed for walking through their neighborhood on the sidewalk?

Trayvon Martin is a victim because he is dead. Not because of Jesse Jackson. Dude I love you but I think you need to walk away on this one. Facts don't bend.
Not walking away, but I am falling asleep. I disagree with you +Acadia Einstein, but that is OK. The inaction of the police is NOT the news - it is the fact that there is apparent inaction and the guy is WHITE. The New York Times used a term I have NEVER heard before - "white Latino". What the hell is that? A Latino shooting a black kid is not news - whether he gets arrested or not. A white guy in the same situation is news.
Oh, this is what you guys were talking about. Ok. Lets just go to our neutral corners. I know you guys like each other, and it just may be that I've allowed this issue to fester too long in our minds. Either that, or both of you thought you were going to win the lotto, and now your all pissed.
Actually - I did win Mega Millions, so I am buying +Acadia Einstein's site and turning it into a conservative news site. :)
+Don Novotny You hit the nail on the head. Most, not all, but most of the time it is a person's attitude that determines how the police will treat them. Actually it is the determining factor in how anyone treats them. In my youth I quickly found out if you were a dick to a cop, you weren't getting cut a break, but if you apologize and admit that you did something wrong and ask politely you can sometimes get a break. Also they want to get to the bottom of the situation and most of the time people are not fully-forthcoming, the perps, the witnesses and even the victims.

+Gwenny Todd Your experience with the police is regrettable and I'm not trying to defend them but how did this man prove that he lived there? What stuff did he collect when he came to get his belongings? It sounds like this man was familiar with the system, but their behavior was not acceptable towards you a victim. Although your calls to "kick police in the face" may point to an underlying attitude you don't realize you are actually conveying.

Your lending an unregistered car and your friend driving it are both illegal, so the police were doing their job. Second example, sounds strange, I don't know. Third example, sounds like an issue of you being a "friend" to the cops so they were looking out for you, not anything to do with you being married to a millionaire. Cops are people and they look out for their friends, when they can.

+Daniel Bobke +Acadia Einstein I think its a good article. I think the point the author is making is not really that this case (trayvon/zimmerman) shouldn't be downplayed but all these other cases (his examples) should have gotten more coverage and sparked more outrage. I'm not holding my breath waiting to Sharpton-Jackson to show up when one gang-banger guns down another, they are both sharks, and only swarm when they smell money. Civil suits will follow, and they will consult, and Zimmerman will be sued, the police, the city and probably the gated community will all be sued as well.

With the recent video released doesn't this show that the police DID arrest Zimmerman? They may have failed to CHARGE him, but they are different things. He is being led into the precinct in handcuffs, and he doesn't look like he has the option to leave.
Let us hope that your conservative site actually has something better to conserve than FOX ever could. Though I doubt it wont be bias.
+Jennifer Isaacs "Bias" works both ways...MSNBC and CNN have bias as well. It is all about what viewpoint you agree with.
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