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Fluffy Question of the Day?

Who do you appreciate on Google+ ?

Okay, so much of the time, my posts are about something that bothers me, but today, I want to say something about the good things I see on Google+ , and hopefully hear from you on who you might be gaining help, insight and more that might be beneficial to others.

For me,+Mike Elgan has become the de-facto last word in Tech Media. We've not always agreed, but one thing I can count on from Mike, is a very-well researched, factual and thoughtful article. I used to spend the bulk of my mornings reading dozens of sites to catch up on what is going on out there for us geeks. Now, if I am busy, I read ARS-Technica, and I read Mike Elgan’s take, and I’m good for the morning.

Like myself, Mike takes a lot of flak for telling it like it is, but I dig the guy, as he is becoming indispensable.

When I arrive on G+ in the mornings, the very first page I visit is usually +Google+ Your Business, run by +Toby Stein. It has become the bible for those of us doing business on G+, with daily articles, always well thought out, always factual, no fluff, just helpful, timely and on point. Love that page, so much that I would steal from it and take credit for their ideas, were I not so fluffy. If you don’t circle that page, then I’ve got you at a disadvantage.

Last but not least;+Jaana Nyström. The single most helpful person on Google +. Janna has literally written the book on this site (no, she really has), and has steered the way here for many of us learning how to navigate these pages. Not only that, but Jaana helps with a smile, and an enthusiasm unmatched by the rest of us geeks. I love me some Jaana!

Show her some love.

So, who are your top three Google + resources?

Tell me!
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Ease of use, no glitches, higher IQ people, clear videos and graphics and no-nonesense approach.
I am in total agreement on +Mike Elgan and +Jaana Nyström, but there are so many good sources for great posts here, that it is difficult to single anyone out. I enjoy your post of course, but that is to easy, so I'll probably go with +Ayoub Khote as my third choice. He engages the s... out of people, in a good way :)
Love your fluffy Q +J.C. Kendall! As I'm still learnin the ropes of G+ a bit I'm sure my answer will evolve over time.... Today however I most appreciate +Katherine McCormick for well informed posts and stuff that interests me. (She seems pretty cool) +Kent Oldhøj provided some great banter earlier and seems to be quite interesting himself. And for my third lovely of the day I would have to say +Susan Stone had an impressive news storm going on!
+J.C. Kendall: I am discovering new people everyday that share my interest (G+ Your Business) by using Search Google+ all the time. I never use circles or look at my stream. I have to do this because my time is limited unfortunately.
Shocking! I just had to grab a beer to get over the fact of being mentioned in such a crowd! Okay, I feel better now, slurp.

I just looooove +J.C. Kendall to bits, (sorry +su ann lim but I do) along with +Ayoub Khote and +Søren Dalsgaard Brath who have accompanied me since the beginning. But when I want to get the stuff that's still inside the horse's mouth, I go to +Gabriel Vasile, +Denis Labelle and +Linda Lawrey.

Why? Linda shares all the good bits that have happened when I was asleep (in Finland) and the two others are just what the G+-doctor ordered. There's a score of people I'd like to mention here but as I don't want to take over the Fluffy thread, I'm just quickly going to mention +Ahmed Zeeshan and +Johnathan Chung as the early guides through the Google+ maze whom I will revere to the end of my days.
Of the Top Hat Googlers, +Vic Gundotra, +Natalie Villalobos and +Bradley Horowitz have been gracious enough to discuss stuff with me, but the Googler I've most engaged with is +Brian White at the moment from Switzerland and +Niina Sauvolainen from Google Finland - we've done a HIRL or HIP together! :-)
I just want to say, thank you all for giving me a window to the world from where I am. Thank you.
Well lets see... who do I appreciate:
1- Well there is you Mr. Fluffy
2- +Colby Brown
3- +Amy Gabriel
4- +Anna Lowry
5- +Kim Anglin
6- +Garry McCarthy
7- +Rob Gordon & +Lil Peck
8- +Tisha Craw
9- +Shani Hiraoka
10- +Michelle Marie
11- +J.C. Kendall
12- +Mike Shaw

This could be a long list. Besides, 12 is my favorite/lucky number. So I will stop there. I have a long list of people that I truly care about here, that mean a ton, inspire me and fill my days with smile, laughs and friendship. This is just a part of the list.

PS- Since i do like to over achieve I have one more:

13- +Laurie Morrison
+Bobbi Jo Woods Glad to find people with a sense of... Now what's the word? Starts with a B... No starts with H...
My 15-year-old son just came in after an evening doing stuff in the snow, like riding a 'pulkka' down a slope. After the sauna he sighed: 'It's good to be a kid still...' Ooooh. I'm teary-eyed...
+Greg Christopher always has fun feedback on many things geeky which warms my heart. +Hillel Fuld has great blogs that are great to read. +Philip Plait has reminded me of my appreciation for space and the awesome science it generates.
+John O'Bryan Keeps me informed about phone tech info with relevant info. Met him on FB HTC EVO page. He also reposted my Autism rant.
+John Taylor who writes fantastic posts about fatherhood and Christianity.
+Jamaal Forrest-King & crew, whose posts & check-ins always make me smile (although he appears to be a cub fan - yuck).
+David Bowden you make me all blushy to be even INCLUDED on this thread.
I'm totally wowed.

I'd say of course YOU David, along with +Christina Trapolino and +Denis Labelle ... All three of you have taught me a great deal and have been so gracious as to not only interact with me but shown me much kindness. All three of you knock my knee socks off.

I'd add +Giselle Minoli and there's tons more ... Too many to name really. ( +Marc Jansen +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield and +Melody Lynn too)

K really done now ... (Runs to circle +Jaana Nyström )
+Amy Gabriel you are so welcome ! now... I feel terrible because you just reminded me... how could I have forgotten +Melody Lynn... (sigh) ... so I will second that motion =)
My appreciated-people list begins with (in order that I met them), +Rob Gordon +J.C. Kendall +Jason Pruim +David Bowden, my "mastermind team." Without their advice and encouragement, and most importantly, that they were "there", I likely would have abandoned development of my startup. I would have decided, "This is stupid, and I should stop doing it." ;)

They're not very active on G+, but two people who are in my "family" circle whom I love are +pat Hauschild and +Les Hauschild - likewise, my amazing daughter, +Georgia Schafer and my very cool son-in-law +Kevin Schafer. How cool is it that Kevin and I can talk about science fiction or web development for hours!

+Te-Erika Patterson is an extraordinary woman! +Shani Hiraoka spreads genuine sweetness wherever she goes. +Laurie Morrison is arguably the most generous and kind person in the pluskin universe. G+ wouldn't be near as wonderful without +Jaana Nyström

My favorite googlers are +Jenny Murphy and +Chirag Shah and +Xin Li

+Glenn Rogers, +Dale Lazarov make me laugh.

+su ann lim has a razor sharp mind framed by a face of kindness.

+Key Loads is a creative genius; his music pushes and shoves inside one's brain, pushing out the cobwebs, knocking out the walls to reveal secret rooms.

+Annette Haven -- yeah, yeah, she's a legend, but she is also a socially conscious intellectual! She is a remarkable Lady and the honey bunnies who let it all hang out on Google+ should take lessons from her on how to be truly, awesomely sexy and beautiful. I met Annette last summer on the Longest Hangout, where she was helping the Mormons (very nice guys) host the chat. That blew my mind.
Thank you so much for making me your over achieving Lucky 13 +David Bowden I'm touched & honored by your mention.
Ohhhh +Lil Peck THANK YOU Dear Heart!! What a LOVELY compliment!! ((((HUGS))))
What a WONDERFUL LIST +Lil Peck Thank you for some great recommends, I'd somehow missed a few that you mentioned but now have circled. 8-)
Awe, +Kent Oldhøj hugs don't care if you like em or not, you get one! In fact it is my first g+ hug! Enjoy!
I dislike naming names, i always forget people and my mind tends to go blank. I generally just like people who like good conversations, and more upbeat posts than bitchy rants :)
That's so sweet, +Michelle Marie. I appreciate you right back, and love reading your posts about your take on life. Keep up the great work!

As to others, I have so many people on Google+ I appreciate that I know I'll forget some. Many have been listed already, so if you're already mentioned here you may safely assume I appreciate you.

A few who haven't been mentioned yet who I really appreciate are the First Couple of Google+, +Terrence Lui and +Liz Lui, both of whom are always bright, happy, and helpful. And of course +Sharon Strandskov, who has always been encouraging to me on Google+ and who was cool enough to come to Austin and do aerial acrobatics with me.

As I said, there are lots of others. All the people I see in hangouts multiple times per week, all the people who comment on my post and help me have great conversations about interesting topics, and all the people who fill my Streams with fantastic stuff. I love and appreciate you all.
Hello, everyone. +Amy Gabriel you are gracious to your Ninja core for including me here. I have been experimenting with a slightly different way of managing my own stream these past couple of months, which is that I've been regularly checking +Alireza Yavari's Circle and +P E Sharpe's two Circles and those circulated by +Rehan Ahmad +Mike Elgan +Ardith Goodwin +paul roemer +Christina Trapolino and +Panah Rad. Depending on where I am in my mood on a particular day, I can cover tech, art, writing, social issues, politics and peace! It it all still a work in progress. I agree with +Denis Labelle...I am constantly meeting people I find bright, interesting and engaging!
Thank you +Marcelo Almeida for including me in this wonderful list :-) Be sure I would include you and in fact I shall :)

+Marcelo Almeida many things ;)
+Damian Vargas for classical music lovers
+Zdenka Pregelj the same
+Isabel Sousa Silva for art lovers
+Takahiro Yamamoto photography
+Mike Shaw photography + stories
+wolf guenter thiel beautiful posts, literary experiment
+Eugene Eugene old photographs
+Mihailo Radičević photography + blog
+Tatiana Dvoryaninova art
+Karim Bouri art
+Mosi-oa Tunya art
+Milena P many (very original) reasons :)

and many more, of course !
+Ivana Lepojev :) nice; many thx! Ps.: your list is amazing! Thx a lot
thank you for mentioning the project and i really appreciate you being around the project and giving impulses :-) wolf guenter
Thank you dear +Ivana Lepojev for including me in this list where I'm surrounded by wonderful people who contribute greatly to the spread of art in all its expressions ! And you, of course, part of that group of people ! :-)
Thank you, I never expected to see so many mentions :)
perhaps you like to add "moving pictures" to the list, the expert in filmhistory ... ;-)
dear damian, i just saw your postings. beautiful we should stay in touch. i think one of the best list of postings i have seen:-)
+wolf guenter thiel Wow, you coment flattered me a lot! Thank you! I am a Classical Music lover! If you like it, follow me, I will not disapoint you :) jaja.
You have very few posts, but are good too :) You are in my circles.
yes, i know you will be from tomorrow on. i am blocked for today( yesterday) ... i am always looking for historical music which comes and is performed in the time of the story. my protagonist is a pianist which studied with busoni, schreker and schoenberg in berlin between 1921 and 1931 ... she is a fan of alban berg, paul hindemith, alexander skriabin and the different russian composers especially stravinski, prooffiev and rachmaninoff ... that is why i put sometimes piecces from them into the plot. and then she is a jazz fan duke ellington, chicken wing, ella fitzgerald ... if you like to intervene you are very welcome so :-) all the best wolf guenter
+wolf guenter thiel jajaja. I love russian composers too! jajaj. Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff are my favourites by far!! Do you listen Prokofiev Violin concertos? or Piano concerto 2? Are amazing!
yes, i know them. i think i icluded one of them. if you have suggestions for 1935 this would be great ... :-) wolf guenter
I am going to mention +Daniel Bobke here because his ultra rational reasoning impresses me.
+Daniel Bobke you are the first to refer to me as a G+ "companion" and I love that. Thank you and ditto.
+Giselle Minoli It is a purposefully chosen word. Most of the people I interact with I have never met, so it would be hard to call you "friends" because I kind of reserve that word for people I know really well. I thought "companion" was appropriate - we are here together navigating G+ and the various conversations and laughs we involve ourselves in. All I know is I am having a blast with all my "companions" here...
I was wondering how to fill that gap! Thanks +Daniel Bobke companions... I like that... mmm....
Wow! nice.

Ummm there are a few people I appreciate so much because I've met them and become good friends with them through G+
I'd say +Colby Brown +Thomas Hawk +Lotus Carroll as well... I also love me the wolfpack and the google boys
This is a great G+ community with so many lovely people and I'm really happy to be part of this all... Thank you my dear Circleverse & +J.C. Kendall ! :-)
Nice new names to circle and loads of peeps I'm already jealously hoarding in contact with.
+Jaana Nyström, i'm humbled (not a real word is it ;)) to be mentioned in your post given my very limited time spent in the circleverse and also side by side with +Vic Gundotra. You've been my guide here, thank you!
Liz Lui
+Michael O'Reilly You are such a wonderful friend! Thank you for your sweet words! I appreciate it :)
I have to return complements to +Eli Fennell for mentioning me, I am honoured. He has good share, just like +Mark Traphagen , +Denis Labelle , +Gabriel Vasile and so many others mentioned earlier. I cut this list short so I don't have to join +Jaana Nyström and +Bobbi Jo Woods in that room :D

Did I miss +Jake Croston in some ones list? I like good food and he makes it (at least it looks good on screen :)

And last but not least thanks to ALL of you who make this really social! I'll humbly bow and crawl back to my pit.
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