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Why I am a Black Conservative.

One of my employees asked me this question yesterday, which led to an interesting conversation. He did not know that there were very many of us, or why we are so hated by the left. I won’t go into the latter, but on the former, I thought it might be interesting to note a few things, that might lead to understanding my choices.

• There are no male members of my bloodline, who did not serve in the Armed Forces. We love this country, period.

• I am Dyslexic, but through hard work, I have three College Degrees, own 3 businesses, and do whatever the hell I want to do, without need of government assistance.

• I have personally witnessed the almost universal concept of black single motherhood leading to less than ideal economic conditions, yet this nation literally pays women to conceive, and does not punish the men who participated, or force them to be responsible.

• I have discovered whether the math book is old or new, 2+2 = 4 in each, therefore I do not believe that the condition or newness of your education infrastructure means you cannot learn.

• I believe in the individual, and abhor the thought that anything I do, or don’t do, should be related to my racial makeup, which is Black, Indian, Jamaican and White. (which means “Black”)

• I have no “Black Leader”, for I need none, and will not be represented by a spokesperson paid to keep me quiet and obedient to a single mindset or position.

• I do not believe in “Organized Labor”, if you are good at what you do, you will be paid well to do it. If you are mistreated, AND good, go elsewhere. If you suck, that is your problem.

• I do not believe what a woman does with her body is my business; but unless I have traded DNA with it, there is nothing it does that I should have to pay for either.

• I do not believe a single solidary Black person in recorded history, has been held down, beaten and forced to take illegal substances to the point of addiction. Disease, my ass.

• I do not believe that you can have a sovereign country without borders. Go to Mexico, and see how many discounts they will give you down there to go to College?

• The U.S. Constitution is the worst controlling legal authority in the world, except for all the other ones, which are much, much worse.

• Business is not Evil. Corporations are not Evil. Those are legal organizations of People; who can be evil indeed.

• I do not believe we should be bombing people in Afghanistan. I do not believe we should be feeding people in Afghanistan either.

• If your religion says I have to agree with you, or it is okay for you to kill me, I will never befriend you, and you won’t be welcome in my home. Otherwise, take your best shot, bitch. I carry, and won’t die in the street with a knife in my chest while you praise your God, trust me.

• This country educated me, and provided me with the freedom to earn a living, and live where I want, how I want, I believe it has done enough for me.

• I do not ever want you to believe that as a Black Man, I need more help than anyone else to succeed. That is an insult. Do not give me a pass, and I won’t ask for one.

That is why I am a Black Conservative.
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That is an excellent and beautiful description of why any of us are conservatives. Certainly, I myself can relate, to a large degree, to all your points.
God Bless You, +J.C. Kendall! If you get the motivation, could you go into the latter (regarding the left's general reaction to black conservatives)? Race relations in the US are bizarre, and the politicization of them has only made them harder to understand.
J.C., thanks for your honesty and willingness to share your conviction with everyone!
Even though I am not a conservative I appreciate your well worded thoughts and explanation of the rationale for your views. Well said, thank you for providing such insight.
Send all appreciative Gummy Bears to Encintas? LOL! Thanks Guys.
A new twist on don't clap just throw money ... don't clap just throw gummies!
I think that most of what you said can really relate to any conservative, be they black, white, blue, purple, or green. It is a sense of responsibility in what you do and that feeling of accomplishment when you do something without the need of someone else's help. It's that drive to do better for yourself and have the realization that you're not always going to be the best at something, but it isn't someone else's fault. Lastly it's the realization that there are people who simply cannot provide for themselves (disabled) and have no family to support them, but there are also those who only use something cause it's available, leaving no pride in what they could have accomplished.

I commend you for every word, and if you'd not object, I'd like to share it.
Hey I'm just tryin ta help ya out +J.C. Kendall of course I'm gonna have +steve cooksey chasin me down, but gotta take care of family sometimes, right!! ::enormous dimples::
+Brad Watts Sure, Brad. Thanks. I believe that if this nations generosity were reserved for those who truly need it, nobody would go hungry, nobody would go to sleep without a roof over their head. The problem, is that too many able-bodied individuals believe that this nation owes them something, and that their own bad choices should not matter.
+Brad Watts Absolutely true.

Though I am not quite as eloquent as J.C., my dad's story is along the same lines. He came here to the US in 1970, struggling to get a visa. He put himself through George Washington University, and was living on less than $100 month. He was a devout Democrat and loved Jimmy Carter...for reasons he cannot explain to me today.

Then came Ronald Reagan, who said things my father always believed, but never in that manner, nor by any person of that standing.

He has been a Republican ever since.
+J.C. Kendall Reagan gave a campaign speech sometime in 1980, a day where my dad was home sick with the flu (something to me that is pretty shocking, because I NEVER saw my dad take a sick day in the childhood I remember). Reagan spoke that day, on PBS or something, of individual freedom, the right to work hard and achieve whatever you are willing to work for, and the stranglehold that overpowering government has in restricting the ability of individuals to meet their potential, and my Dad said he saw the light. He remembers that like it was yesterday; forgets my b'day, but remembers that ;-)
Methodical, concise and very interesting. +J.C. Kendall, next time you're in Phoenix, give me a heads-up. My wife and I would love to buy you lunch.
Thanks +J.C. Kendall . I'll probably wait till I can her to my PC, cause sharing it from my phone wont allow me to do it justice. I think your comment in reply is how I wish that those in the limelight could explain it to the masses.

My family came up from sharecroppers, and have done for themselves ever since, never relying on someone else, and as such so have I. It is just that feeling of accomplishing something on your own that really keeps ya going. It allows you to truly appreciate what you have.
+Dillon Hawkins Thank you. My fiancee +su ann lim and I would be delighted, should we pass through Phoenix again. However, the last time I was there, I almost melted like a chocolate bar, because I went cheap on the rental car.
Well spoken, as always, +J.C. Kendall .Though I doubt I am technically what would be considered a conservative( No idea how to classify my political beliefs, actually.), I must say that you and I believe in more of the same things than we do not agree upon.
+David Jackman The left's reaction to Black Conservatives is very simple. "Property" is not supposed to have an opinion. The Left does not want Blacks to believe we can exist without them, because that means we might stop voting for them. If only another 10% of Blacks stopped voting for them, Democrats could not win a single election in the U.S. Therefore, voices like mine must be silenced at all costs. So, they will tell other blacks that I am "self-hating", "crazy", or whatever they have to say about me, to discredit me or cause others to run from the Conservative point of view.

That does not excuse Republicans, who have proved to be the most ineffectual group of Patricians the world could ever produce. It's like the Peter Principle on Parade with them. They cant fight, they cant negotiate, or maintain a point of view, because too many of them are pretenders who say whatever they need to say to get elected, before falling short, or proving to not hold the values they claim. This upcoming election is a conservative nightmare, because every current candidate on the right is either a phony, a liar, or a nut.

I decided this year, to trust no party, and work to protect my own interests. I am forming my next corporation in Canada, with dual citizenship to follow.
Once the people find out they can vote their welfare Democracy is over...Franklin.

You are a man to be admired. Thanks for your comments.
Although I am not a conservative I agree with many of your points. Sad it's so difficult for our government to find reasonable compromises.
+J.C. Kendall I commend you for delivering your message of what you believe in a smart, thought out manner. Though I do not agree with a lot of the Republican beliefs, I respect your right to express what you believe in. More people should these days should take your approach when communicating their beliefs. Again, I commend you and wish you the best. 
I have no issue with you being a conservative of any race, but I am curious why you think this collection of "beliefs" automatically explain why a black man would be a conservative. A simple sentence like: I disagree with the majority of main stream liberal policies, and agree with mainstream conservative policy statements would suffice, but instead you write things like this:

• There are no male members of my bloodline, who did not serve in the Armed Forces. We love this country, period.

How is this a reason to be conservative, and are you suggesting that a Liberal has never or will never raise a family of soldiers?

• I do not believe in “Organized Labor”, if you are good at what you do, you will be paid well to do it. If you are mistreated, AND good, go elsewhere. If you suck, that is your problem.

Labor management has a long history of worker exploitation. Organized labor was and is the only true counterbalance to managerial abuse and gives the worker a fighting chance when negotiating compensation and benefits. You are not required to join one, but they are valid and often necessary institutions whether you "believe" in them or not.

• I do not believe what a woman does with her body is my business; but unless I have traded DNA with it, there is nothing it does that I should have to pay for either.

Again this seems very much like an anti-conservative view. Except yeah, I get it, you don't want to pay for birth control or abortions. Just so you know though, the viewpoint that women should not be allowed to have medical procedures that may disagree with the religious views of others, may not be your view, but it is clearly the conservative one.

• I have no “Black Leader”, for I need none, and will not be represented by a spokesperson paid to keep me quiet and obedient to a single mindset or position.

Me either, but I did have a choice between a octegenarian conservative white Senator (who caved on every maverick position he previously had in order to get nominated, grabbed a laughing stock of a running mate, a severe disassociation with the facts, a desire to start yet another middle eastern war) OR A young, well educated, United States Senator who had a flair for speaking the truth, inspiring millions, and weighing the options to find a reasonable solution. Oh yeah he also happened to be a black man. Were there some voters who only voted for the last attribute? Probably. Does that invalidate his other qualities or making him less of a viable candidate than the couple of conservative white guys, I think not. If he doesn't represent your views, fine vote Santorum or Romney or Paul if you think they will. Slamming him for being black, and claiming he is only here to mollify his race is, I'm sorry, idiocy and proven so by the overall presidential performance dissatisfaction of large black groups and lobbyists on many, many issues.

• I do not believe we should be bombing people in Afghanistan. I do not believe we should be feeding people in Afghanistan either.

Just so if I understand you, ignore the damage WE caused directly and indirectly there for the last 20 years under governments that leaned both left and right? Again, not exactly the prevailing conservative opinion.

Your views sound more libertarian to me.

Have a good day.
+Dario Gomez First thank you. Second, I am not a Republican. Republicans used to be Conservatives, but now they are not. I left the Republican party and became independent, because the GOP exists only for those who still want invitations to Liberal Cocktail parties.
I guess the "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy applies here too (substitute: "No True Black Man"). And I agree with you about the Republican Party. In terms of economic policy, they seem spectacularly incompetent in explaining why government intervention in the marketplace usually does more harm than good (minimum wage, protectionism, etc...), which makes me believe they're not truly advocates of free-markets or limited government.

(Good luck in Canada - I hope you don't get barraged with quips about hockey, beavers, and the word "eh".)
Is there anyone who has faith in the Republican Party anymore? I get the feeling even the establishment Republicans realize what a failure the party has become.
I used to be a republican, but now I find it hard to put a name to my politics. In any case, the current republican party does not represent the ideals I first learned about that led me at that time to call myself a republican. I'm an American, I believe in people.
I see your "conservative values" prevent you in no way of being a misogynist.
+Allen Shockley Answers:

"How is this a reason to be conservative, and are you suggesting that a Liberal has never or will never raise a family of soldiers?"
Did you miss the part about loving this country? Liberals are not what they used to be. Classic Liberalism is something I have no beef with, as it is only a difference of opinion. Today's Liberal wants to change this nation, rather than defend its ideals. Love is preserving, not destructive.

"Labor management has a long history of worker exploitation. Organized labor was and is the only true counterbalance to managerial abuse and gives the worker a fighting chance when negotiating compensation and benefits."
The only true counterbalance to managerial abuse, is your feet. Your independence will insure your respect. If you can be replaced by a robot, then you probably should be.

" Just so you know though, the viewpoint that women should not be allowed to have medical procedures that may disagree with the religious views of others, may not be your view, but it is clearly the conservative one."
It is not a conservative view to prohibit anything done that is legal. It is a fascist view. I do not agree with abortion, but it is legal, and therefore none of mine, or anyone else's business. Period. However, Abortion is rarely a medical procedure. It is 99% of the time, a birth control measure. Either way, not for me to decide. Woman/Doctor only.

" A young, well educated, United States Senator who had a flair for speaking the truth"
Sorry, I had to stop there. Were it not on a Teleprompter, Obama could not spell "Obama" He is a trained monkey. Show me a single college transcript. Just one. One? Every black kid raised in the Baptist church can speak a preachers' cadence. Obama's knowledge of economics is on a par with his knowledge of history; i.e. none. He exists only because the first trained monkey, Duval Patrick. proved too dumb to take direction. On this one, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

On politics, I wont be voting for any of those clowns, right or left.

"Just so if I understand you, ignore the damage WE caused directly and indirectly there for the last 20 years under governments that leaned both left and right? Again, not exactly the prevailing conservative opinion"

This one is very simple. If you point a gun at me, I'm not sharing my food with ya. Regardless of the mistakes of the past, if you want to eat, put down the gun. Period. Otherwise, eat sand, bitches.
+Ivan Kautter JC is not, I assure you, a misogynist. JC is an excellent friend to me and encourages and helps me as I work on my startup.
Hell, +J.C. Kendall let me jump on board the invite train. Next time you're in Vancouver let me know and we'll go drop some $$ at a Scotch bar.
+Ivan Kautter You see, your post is just plain stupid. You are entitled to an opinion, but should you not at the very least know what your opinion means? My guess, is that this might be the first post of mine you've read, or you would not dare to call me a misogynist. But, whatever. It is typical of your type to sling invective, then run and hide. Why not engage, Ivan? Be a man about it? Prove your case, argue your point. Bring it. Misogynist? I doubt you know the meaning of the word.
+J.C. Kendall is it possible that you are also Libertarian? After seeing how backwards most of the Republican presidential candidates are with regard to women, and after seeing right wing mouthpieces Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly call an intelligent, thoughtful young woman whom they do not even know, a "slut," I have decided to reject the Republican party. I have had enough. I went to the Libertarian website and after reading there, realized that the Libertarian party represents my values and opinions better.
I remember, good sir. The 18yo if I'm not mistaken...
Well, JC's position on abortion is VERBATIM my position, and I think it is libertarian. But that said, classic conservatism is libertarian...we have diverged from that.
I don't get why these principles make you a conservative, but I do believe having them makes you a wise person.
+Lil Peck I do have some Libertarian values. However, before I can claim the mantle, they have to stop being so stupid in their approach. The arrogance and condescension is breathtaking. There are people in the world who need help. We cannot close ourselves off from them. Compassion matters, as does pragmatism. I am Conservative as any Libertarian, but I am not ready to close the gates on the rest of the world.
I love people calling others racists, bigots, and of a few comments on the internet. Really shows how pathetic the meaning of those words are these days. They used to really mean something.
I notice one reoccurring theme through out every thing you say, these are all of the reasons that our taxes go up, if your own 3 businesses, you shouldn't care about how much your taxes are, unless your greedy which is what I'm starting to assume about you.

"I have discovered whether the math book is old or new, 2+2 = 4 in each, therefore I do not believe that the condition or newness of your education infrastructure means you cannot learn."

math is not the only subject they teach in school, American history, for example, has major changes made to it every year.

"The U.S. Constitution is the worst controlling legal authority in the world, except for all the other ones, which are much, much worse."

are you saying we shouldn't have any authority in our country? I don't know about you, but I'll take a democracy over a dictatorship any day.

"Business is not Evil. Corporations are not Evil. Those are legal organizations of People; who can be evil indeed. "

No, business is not evil, corporations are not evil, but certain business men, and certain corporations are "Evil" which invokes the "legal organizations of people who can be evil" to be evil.

I respect your right to express your opinion, as I hope you will respect mine.
Andy L
Reading posts like this revive my faith in our country. Thanks. J.C. There are so many intelligent people on Google+. Love it.
+Ian Kirk I think his point about the Constitution is that it isn't perfect but he'll take it over all others.

+J.C. Kendall I think many of the things that make you a conservative are the same that make me a liberal. What most of us (including myself) need to remind ourselves of is that there are broad issues we all share, and then there are single issues that tend to polarize our views, dragging the rest down with them. We need to focus on the big picture, then worry about reasonable and realistic compromise/accommodation for the rest. The current political climate (and the never-ending campaign cycle) is one of "I can't win unless you lose", in which ultimately no one wins and we all lose. Not very productive.

Thanks for sharing your views.
I have been a union worker most of my adult life. When I had a job that I felt mistreated or the pay and benefits were not suitable, I did leave. As for the U.S. Constitution, it's working just fine for me, but I would like to extend the same invitation to you if you don't like it leave.
Well said! From a money challenged white American. Poor is a bad choice of words! The squirrels I feed love me and I love them right back. It's a simple joy, but I believe if you are handed lemons; you make lemon-aid!
"I notice one reoccurring theme through out every thing you say, these are all of the reasons that our taxes go up, if your own 3 businesses, you shouldn't care about how much your taxes are, unless your greedy which is what I'm starting to assume about you."

Greedy? LOL. If you knew how much I donate to my preferred Charity (Samaritans Purse) I wonder what you might say. I wont ask you what your charitable history is, though.
One thing? It is not greed; what I decide to do with what is mine. What I earn, along with what my employee's earn and taxed, is a larger contribution to the good of this nation than those jobs not existing. The concept of taxation is not an issue with me. The concept of my paying for the poor choices of others, will always be a sore point with me. Greed, is taking more than my share. If I create the share, it is mine to decide how it is distributed. The state of California is broke, due to poor choices. It will not be rescued by the thousands of businesses that have either left or are leaving, while it at the same time decides to cut tuition rates for illegal aliens, and attempts to build a high speed rail line between the LA Ghettos and the Oakland Ghettos. Nope, I'd rather eat Putain and Maple syrup, thank you.
Well spoken, I also lean closer to being a conservative than I do to the left. However after the idiocy I have seen with the Republican party along with the equally disturbing incompetence the democrats have displayed over the past 10 years or so I am ready for a long overdue INDEPENDENT party to come along. I actually did vote for Obama because so far he has made himself out to be the only SANE person in the room both last election and this one. Also he gets several brownie points for actually conducting himself as an ADULT. At the end of the day I REFUSE to vote a TODDLER!
There are people in life that through some combination or hard work, determination and luck are able to make it to a point they consider success. Some of those can even sustain that success. Those people are "living the dream". There are some people, though, who haven't been able to achieve that. Some of those people work damn hard, and some of those people can one day achieve "the dream" with help from others. Sure, hand outs that perpetuate unsatisfying lifestyles don't help anyone, but not all assistance to those in-need have the effect of perpetuating unsatisfying lifestyles. I think it's really awful when successful people say "I did it, so everyone should be able to if they try hard enough". It's a really naïve attitude. Also, I don't know anyone with 3 degrees that didn't have at least some of their tuition paid through scholarships or grants, and if J.C. Kendall served his time in the military he really should have taken advantage of the GI Bill for his schooling and Tricare for his medical. We're not a socialist country, but those are socialist programs and they are well deserved programs for vets who served their country.
As a left-leaning, progressive individual, I feel I must say: well said. We agree on more than you might think. I won't hold the wingnuts on the right against you if you'll extend me the same courtesy. We all have different strengths to offer the nation.
+J.C. Kendall Huzzah my friend! Huzzah! I'm a white man that takes everyone at face value no matter the color of their skin. I'm perplexed how some liberal black people are grouping together as a pro black community and claiming the rest of the skin colors are racists. Doesn't being a non racist mean that one is color blind? If we all want to do away with lines between physical characteristics then we all should be color blind.

When I was a boy the black people were all republicans... in my 53 years they have crossed over to the side that didn't pursue their civil rights in the 50's and 60's. Young black people today believe that it was the democrats that campaigned for racial equality. Could it be because the democrats are offering incentives for them to follow?

I applaud you J.C.You're a free and independent thinker. The world needs more like you... black, white, purple or green. :)
Amen to that!!! The current Black Thought Police get on my last blasted nerve with their herd-like mentalities.
+Ray Strode I paid for every penny of my first degree, through 3 part time jobs, AND Marine reserve status. I earned tuition assistance at Microsoft for my second and third degree. The point is, I earned them. I was given nothing. I did not get hired by Microsoft as charity. As a Dyslexic who still cannot spell for shit, I am the wrong person to call naive about what is possible through hard work.
i'm not saying it's naive to think hard work can lead to success. Clearly it worked for you. I'm saying it's naive to think hard work is sufficient to guarantee success. It isn't. Some people (though clearly not everyone!) need help to ascend, and I just don't think it's a bad thing if society helps them. We can disagree. In some ways it's the crux of the liberal/conservative debate I guess.
And while I'm sure you provided a lot of value in your role at microsoft, I wouldn't be surprised if at the same time you applied there were other applicants who didn't make the cut, but were just as disserving. Life in many ways is a roll of the dice, and people who get snake eyes shouldn't be sneered at just because they get snake eyes.
if everyone was the same as you, all problems would be solved.....
+Ray Strode Success is never a guarantee. Failure is, however if one does not try, and adopts a victim mentality. One needs to work hard just to stay in the game. Help is available for those worthy of same. Others simply leach from the nations teat.
Apparently you think crack babies don't exist, and that your money goes to fund abortions. You're easily proven wrong, and very stubborn, which may have brought you success, but lost friends along the way.
+craig I you jest! JC, a misogynist? lol Note his comment re: his interest in becoming a Canadian. Note we are perceived by many to be socialists.
I totally agree that working hard is a prerequisite to success (except for in unjust cases). And I agree help is available to those who need and deserve it. But I think a lot of conservatives don't want there to be help available to those who deerve and need the help, because then those who are less deserving might get some too. I guess my point is someone may need more help than me to be successful. They may need more things given to them for free. i'm okay with that. The nation should be just, not fair.
+Chris Glass Crack babies exist, because we allow Crack mothers to exist without judgement; especially those who can sing, apparently. I have certainly lost friends; but gained hundreds more. That is life.
oh and we shouldn't let the leechers dissuade us from helping those aiming for something higher.
+Ray Strode I wont speak to the qualifications of others back in 90s, but I can assure you that Microsoft hired every qualified person they could find. I was hired for a specific job, due to a specific skill. Luck had nothing to do with it.
Funny, all the things +J.C. Kendall is accused of being, not being saying/didn't say. I admit to not reading every post. But, I've not seen,either here or when I met him on twitter,do a lot of the negativity he's accused of.
I find it pretty hilarious that +J.C. Kendall simultaneously bemoans the excess of single black mothers while belonging to a party that tries at every turn to cut off access to sex ed and contraception. Oh, and by the way--free contraception saves the government and insurance companies money (there's a reason why the insurance companies haven't weighed in much on the current debate). It turns out it's a lot cheaper to pay for a few pills than it is to pay for a pregnancy and birth.
J.C. found your post due to the "whats hot". Well written and articulated (something anyone black and conservative is not supposed to be). Fact is, color should not be a basis of belief. That should be ruled by your heart, faith and mind.

Definitely adding you to my circles. Stay strong and ignore those that have hate.
+Hannah Grimm I belong to no party, Hannah. I do not bemoan single black mothers, but irresponsible single black mothers AND fathers. Please read it again for clarity?
The question really becomes, what help is deserved and what isn't.

Conservatives in general believe in equal access to education. We also believe in education reform, because the current system is a pathetic disaster that fails generation after generation of children.

We are also not against a safety net, where those that are truly in distress get the help they need to survive.

What we are truly against is a pervasive growing belief among elites that government can and should solve all of life's problems. We believe that government should be limited to things it only can do, such as provide a national defense. We believe that the more pervasive government becomes in peoples lives, the more damage it does. That doesn't mean government can't be a source of good; it means, TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT inherently becomes a source of evil.

And because we state these truths, we are viewed as lacking compassion, being bigoted, and hating the poor...when in fact, it is often the policies of bigger government that hurts those people the most.
While I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, I can certainly appreciate a well-reasoned argument. I agree with several of your points, and the ones that I do not agree with I certainly thought over after reading this. Bravo!
Chris Glass is worried about crack babies but how do you feel about a women's right to choose to kill her baby?
+John Hren One of the reasons that I choose not to call myself a conservative is because of their stance on abortion. No matter how many times puppets like Rick Santorum say that "life begins at conception", I can find no reason to say that a woman should not be able to abort a baby in the first trimester, especially if it was conceived through rape.
+John Hren I feel that as long as it is legal, whether I agree or not, it is none of my business.
+J.C. Kendall Okay, let's put it this way: you dislike a system that encourages reckless childbirth, and yet support a system that does everything it can to stop preventative measures. If IUDs or other "set it and forget it" methods of long acting reversible birth control were free instead of costing upwards of $600-$1000 up front, then with good enough sex ed we wouldn't have so many young single mothers be "paid to conceive" as you put it. Medicare covers pretty much everything to do with pregnancy completely, and that is costing us far, far more than a small investment in contraception would. Your ignorance shows through with comments like "I do not believe what a woman does with her body is my business; but unless I have traded DNA with it, there is nothing it does that I should have to pay for either." Providing affordable access to contraception saves money. It's cheaper to put up $1000, give a woman an IUD, and then be done with birth control for the next 10-12 years than it is to have her struggle to pay for it on her own, end up pregnant, and then cost the government the $8000 that an average pregnancy costs. It's just sound fiscal policy.
You're not a black conservative, you're just a conservative.
Today's Liberal wants to change this nation .... Love is preservation not destruction
I would consider myself one of "today's liberal"s and yet I deeply love my country. I also find that in preservation there is often required change. Try preserving a historical building of environmental conservation without changing local laws, ordinances, or rules. Change is not destructive in and of itself, otherwise you'd be driving to one of your 3 businesses in a Stagecoach and answering this communication months later with a quill on parchment. (I am assuming you would agree to the changes that allow you to own property, attend school, join the military, etc I wonder if the people rallying around those changes were accused of not loving their country as quickly as they would be today. ) Improvement is not even necessarily destructive change, sometimes it is just different.

Every change discussion inevitably boils down to: I agree with the need for this change, or I don't and here is why.
It is not a productive usage of anyone's time to paint all change with same "evil" brush, anymore than it is to paint all corporations, banks or social classes with the negative connotation of "evil" or "greedy". Change and adaptation are fundamental to any measure of success for a political, biological, or social organization. (See above)

There are issues that need addressed from time to time, sometimes that means proposing new legislation, rules, taxes, or penalties or repealing some. There will some people who oppose vehemently for their own reasons, be that self interest or political ideology etc... There rises up from the cacophony of disagreement a consensus that many but not all will agree is the best course of action (or inaction).

Best course of action should always be the goal.
I find the conservative viewpoint to be all too often inaction or regression in most discussions of change.
There is no problem, it is not our responsibility, it costs too much, it is none of our business.
All of which were the same excuses used to oppose any universally accepted as positive change that has occurred in this country.

So, now that I go back through your list, I see that same theme running throughout, and agree these are fine justifications for being a black conservative. You got yours and good luck to the rest. Sounds about right, I withdraw my curiosity and thanks for the clarification.

The lack of respect shown by your characterization of the current president reminds me of how I felt about George the second. So I will only point out that as a Google+ user you should catch him in a hangout sometime, or rewatch the last one on youtube. He may be many of the things you think, but I'm pretty sure ignorant puppet is not one of them. Only his collegiate transcripts will prove that theory false? Really, really? Sigh,, and you are not even going to vote? Really? Not that I would encourage it by any means, but If you so disagree with him, and find him to be harmful to your nation, the Country that you love so much, you literally took up arms in service, how could you not vote against him with the candidate best able to defeat him? Or would that go against your opposition to change.

Damn it JC, now you got my curiosity piqued again.
+J.C. Kendall Microsoft was a high growth company in the 90s and so I can believe they hired most eligible and qualified people they could find. You can agree, though, that this last decade, the story may be different? Luck and a strong, pre-existing network of contacts has a much bigger role these days then it did in the 90s. These are things many hard-working people don't have.
It might help were you to stop and mention your alternative of what to do with stupid people after you used them up in the wars to defend America. Disease your ass? Well what do you plan for those who succumb to mental diseases after they fight for your country? And what will you do to balance the powder Cocaine punishment with the Crack Cocaine punishment? Crack now gets 100 times the punishment. And what do you plan to do to stop legitimate Welles Fargo from money laundering for the billionaire Drug Lords? And on and on. You did a great job with your business life. And we are proud of you. But what of those millions ( being robbed of their just pay daily? The immigrant who is under threat of ICE ratting? The high school kids who have fewer jobs because of immigrant labor? Will a kick in the butt solve everybody else's lack of gumption? I seldom lay out issues to conservatives. But you are a well meaning citizen and well spoken too. What about this: no other country allows corporations to make a profit-making enterprise out of the health of their people. Their lives are too sacred to be at the mercy of market forces. This nation does not allow poor states to have bumpy interstate roads. we all pay to have a uniform road system, or the nation breaks down.. That is the same reason why healthcare is sacred. Just as sacred at the interstate roadways. Thank you for your excellent reasoned essay. I'm glad to have found you. ?????
+Hannah Grimm Are you aware that none of your argument suggests any behavior modifications from the responsible parties? You talk about what everyone else should do, but never do you suggest that some people work on changing their own actions for their own, and their children's benefit. Why is that?
+J.C. Kendall What are you talking about? I'm suggesting that every woman get an IUD. That's the responsible thing to do. I just don't think it should cost me a grand to do it. I'm also talking about effective methods to get rid of perverse incentive structures. I'm a biology teacher, and I teach sex ed as part of my curriculum--and I can tell you right now that the hardest part of that job is not getting my students to listen, it's dealing with republicans who want their children not to be taught how to take responsibility for themselves.
What a weird post. You make conservatives look like assholes, which we are not. You also referred to women as 'it'. Way to play to your stereotype.
You've jumped to several 'common sense' conclusions that come from flawed logic or poorly constructed arguments. This obviously isn't the place to address all of them, but if you'd give me the opportunity to cherry pick:

• Regarding addiction: The way your brain reacts to an addictive substance is influenced by a very large, complex collection of genes, most of which have behavioral effects elsewhere. Some genetic traits that make people more prone to substance addiction can also influence behavior that can make them more likely to survive in a group of oppressed people. Some of these genes have been found to be more prevalent in groups of people that have suffered several generations of oppression. While you may not personally have any dispositions to addiction, it doesn't mean these things don't exist, or that the only way these behavioral traits can come about is through "forced use of illegal substances." Try reading some of the articles in this Google Scholar Search for more info:

* Regarding almost everything else: Many conservative viewpoints can be summed up as, 'Fuck you, got mine' or, 'I don't understand, so I don't care to learn.' It's not surprising that you would attribute the majority of your success to your personal hard work, but a most of it is due to the society you exist in -- no man is an island. It's certainly true that hard work can take you a long distance, but you need a road to run on first.
+David Stickney I don't see how there would be a difference between a black conservative and a conservative. +Hannah Grimm I believe there are pills paid for by most insurance policies that make your argument invalid.
I am always confused by the "we don't want to fund contraception, and we don't want to fund abortions either, and we don't want to pay welfare" argument. Shit happen, folks, no matter how careful you are sometimes. Not having any options other than "deal with it" helps nobody but those who want to feel self-righteous.
+Joseph Skues Dude, that is a lot of questions. Why don't you give me your solutions, because I don't agree with a number of the premises you put forth. I think you made few generalizations of what I consider personal deeply held positions; and I wont even argue punishment rates for people who break the law under any circumstance. I appreciate the questions and will consider them, but it might be in a future post? Fair enough?
+Frank Crook I don't mean to be flippant, but none of that matters if you don't take the substances.
Hey +J.C. Kendall we are late!!! Please disengage... Sorry everyone, he'll be back later :) :)
+J.C. Kendall I agree entirely. Do you think it's a good thing to spend tax dollars on education campaigns against drug use then? Are there other things you think could be done to prevent people from taking drugs to begin with?

It would be nice if there were solution to that problem, removing the allure of drugs from social groups that recognize no one cares for them.
I want to thank everyone for participating in this thread, however, I have run out of chocolate and therefore must obey. Must go, be back later.
Well-spoken wilful ignorance.
Hi Mr. Kendall, I am a Conservative also, however, I noticed you said I am a Black Conservative. Does that mean I should say I am a White Conservative? What is the difference, beside our color? Thanks
+Frank Crook I would disagree with most of your major points from your earlier comment, but do think that it's good to educate young people about the dangers of drugs. If we can get them not to do it in the first place, we won't have to pay for them later.
"If your religion says I have to agree with you, or it is okay for you to kill me, I will never befriend you" - Sounds like the Religious Right to me.
I am a traveller....a Gypsy to you. The color of skin under Gods sun is all the same
and that sir is why you are a victim of white supremacy wether you care to acknowledge it or not. Your defense mechanisms are to die for.
+Brad Watts you said it. The shame is he'll be called a racist for saying it. That's how screwed up the world is
I don't see why that makes you conservative. I agree with many of your views, but many of them aren't conservative only views. But well said.
+Alex Jaferey It's nice to see that you admit we end up paying as a society for the problems we don't work to help with, whether or not we work to prevent those problems from occurring in the beginning. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You're on your way to becoming a Liberal (with a capital L) already.

However, which major points did you disagree with? That there are genetic predispositions to addiction? That those traits are associated with other genetic traits that increase survival in oppressed groups? I have to wonder -- do you disagree because you have proof otherwise, or because you just don't want to believe these things?
+J.C. Kendall Your post shows your intelligence and common sense, JC. My admiration to you, Sir! Best of all life's blessings to you always! :-)
+Edgar Jamison LOL grow up man. You allow yourself to be a victim and have only yourself to blame for it. Nobody else's fault, no matter what their skin color.
Err, it doesn't sound like you are a con, it sounds like you are one of the 90% of Americans who are NOT libs or cons, but "normal".
Thank you +J.C. Kendall. Great post. I will follow you now and hope that one day I can hear your thoughts on the "latter" that you chose not to discuss.
+Barbara Hunter he was saying (as I see it, I don't want to speak too much for him) that he is a "black conservative," not because he belongs to some distinct group from other conservatives, but because he belongs to a distinct group to many other african-americans who trend toward holding liberal/progressive perspectives. His post was just trying to explain the logic behind his views and to potentially pursuade others to follow suit. Of course, he's not the only black person with conservative views, but there's a perception that, as a whole, black populations vote primarily for democrats. A post like this is a great platform for activism because it has the potential to get wide distribution and set the topic discussion with people.
+Alex Jaferey Under my insurance plan, the cost of contraceptive pills is around $25/month, and the IUD I'm planning on getting will cost me about $600. By the way, even an expensive IUD is cheaper longterm than the pill: $1000 spread out over 10 years works out to around $8 a month, but of course it's prohibitively expensive for many women to pay that much upfront, not to mention that our sex ed is so meager that many women don't even think about IUDs when we're talking about birth control.

Additionally, it's worth noting that pills are not anywhere near as effective as IUDs, if used exactly right they're over 99% effective, but in actual use among real people that number drops down to 94%, while the Mirena IUD is as effective as sterilization. I hate to break it to you, but right now contraception is a serious expense for many people. When I was in college there was a period when due to government defunding the cost of my pills jumped from $25 a month to $50 month, and guess what--I went off the pill and started relying on condoms instead. Condoms, by the way, are only 82% effective in actual usage. (Statistics on contraceptive effectiveness come from
Well said. I love how the enlightened and tolerant liberals came out with the name calling. All they did was prove your point.

And if you are a liberal who came here with rational arguments (although I disagree) then I am not talking about you. Many who disagree with +J.C. Kendall at least tried to engage in actual debate. Them I respect.
Also saw this as trending. "Disease, my ass", my ass :) J.C., I totally agree with you that taking substances starts as a personal choice. However, once you have it, is very much a medical disease: it is a 'neurological disorder', meaning your brain is now physically rewired to think differently. Personal choice is one factor before you got rewired, but once an addict is messed up, the addiction influences their reasoning processes, sort of like a virus rewriting a program. Expecting addicts to be rationally motivated is, by medical definitions, nonsensical.

Unsurprisingly, current policies based on such illogical reasoning end in addicts losing their support networks, living on the streets, clogging hospitals and shelters, and then dying. Treating a surface symptom is a short-term patch while we still need to fix their mental reward centers.

You can believe that the government does not need to help those who cannot help themselves or that we cannot afford to -- both common Republican positions that seem reasonably debatable -- but I caution against grounding your beliefs on a medical fallacies and propagating them.
Best post I've seen on G+ so far...
Grey Geek, I agree up to your analogy :) It is one of the reasons the legal system separates 'murder' from 'manslaughter', has a 'plea of insanity', and is (supposedly) careful with how to rehabilitate someone. There being no consequences is, for the most part, a strawman: for example, a result of a plea of insanity is that you no longer have full control of your life because you may be a danger to those around you and are incapable of making decisions for yourself, and I bet there are some civil court issues. Like you said, the question is one of treatment, for how long, and who pays. I'm not equipped for reasoning about these things, but I'm glad we agree that this is more of a sensible framing of the debate.
I do feel like that +J.C. Kendall is being a little disingenuous with his reasons. I think the reason he's a "black conservative" is simple: he's wealthy, and voting republican is in his best interest financially. The reason why most black people are democratic is simple: they tend to be economically disadvantaged, or care about people who are poor, and voting democratic is in their best interest. It has a lot less to do with race than it has to do with economics, and it's unreasonable to expect people to show some sort of loyalty based on skin tone when it's against their best interests.
I'm a pretty serious liberal, but it is refreshing to see a discussion based on rational arguments (most of the time) and ideas rather than mud slinging and name calling. (I'm placing equal blame on both sides here.)

I disagree with a lot of +J.C. Kendall 's opinions, but I read through all of the comments and I want to say that I'm very impressed that we're still on topic with the original post. Score one for google+.
Andy L
I'm tired of being a conservative who's automatically "wealthy" and being told I don't care about the poor. Stereotypes suck.
We both may have missed the point. Athough I don't share your entire point of view, I see common ground, in your words My point was that I like the way you stated your views, and although I see things a little diferantly, I too think this is the greatest country..
+Hannah Grimm How dare you? Your post is so specious, I'm enduring the hassle of commenting from my phone to reply. For the record, I was a Conservative in College, when I was eating Top Ramen for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as a Marine Lance Corporal, and pulling down a massive $780 a month, and pulling down the overnight shift at 7/11 to pay for my books. (Linda Vista near Sharp Hospital if anyone wants to check) I realize that the concept of core values might be a bit much for some of you to handle, but in my case it is a fact. My current wealth has absolutely nothing to do with my values, but it is the result of my values, combined with hard work, and an attitude of no excuses. I learned to work hard in the Marines, where color has never been an issue. You owe me an apology for that accusation, and if I don't get one, when we get back, I am going to blast you and your comments from my stream. Unacceptable.
+J.C. Kendall It is the usual liberal attack, that we endure as minorities when we state our conservative beliefs...we aren't REAL minorities, because real members of minority classes would NEVER be conservatives...that is unthinkable. We must either be aberrations, or rich (which somehow discounts our minority status), or just plain insane.
Well, this is an amazing thread. I had no idea it would generate all that it has. I want to again thank every participant. Whether you agree with me or disagree, I want you all to know that I appreciate the overall tone and lack of anger and hijacking. This kind of thread is why G+ kicks Facebook in the nuts. Some Ghosttown, huh? Rock on, folks!
There was a discussion on my stream in which someone who claimed to be a conservative was somewhat belligerent towards me; he seemed to have the very mistaken idea that I am a Liberal. It is possible that he was simply trolling for entertainment. If not, he needs to take lessons in how to score points by being rational and courteous, from conservative +Daniel Bobke
+Lil Peck is too kind...that is the second compliment tonight!

I learned from my father long ago that if I believe something, I better know WHY I believe it and be able to adequately state my case. He taught me not to get personal or snarky - because that just diminishes my argument, making it look like I really don't have anything to stand on other than attacking the other person.

And +J.C. Kendall - if I was black, I would be a black conservative right alongside you!
+Daniel Bobke I had a high school History teacher from whom I learned that. He would challenge things we said in class, and some students would become angry and defensive. "If you really believe something, then stand up for it," he would explain.
I'm going to address the "Black" thing? Why did I not just call myself a Conservative? Because it is my very Blackness that causes people to assume I'm not a Conservative. Countless comments relayed under full assurance that I would not be offended by them; people coming at me with that stupid Obama fist pump, like we share a secret or something? Please. The woman above in this stream who "knew" that my wealth is responsible for my thoughts, because it surely could not be core beliefs. I'm black, and therefore owned by Liberals. (in their minds)
Come on +J.C. Kendall, why do you keep using that inflammatory "owned by Liberals" line? If there is a subset of people that feel they own your vote, I understand it would make sense to be upset with them -- that would be Democratic strategists and statisticians, and even those people recognize that party loyalty among economically disadvantaged minority groups in America has limits, and doesn't apply to all people that fall in a category.

As for Liberals and Conservatives, these groups are concerned with ideas, not votes or voting blocs. It would be just as disingenuous of me to suggest that Conservatives want to place additional restrictions on voting in order to block socially and economically disadvantaged people from voting, as those groups tend to vote in a way that upsets them. That idea doesn't belong to Conservatives at all -- it belongs to Republican strategists and statisticians, who try to cover up their intent with concerns for voter fraud.

If you're going to explain why you're a conservative thinker, that's neat, but don't try to tag political ideas together in the way that political parties do, where you disown good ideas because they're associated with people you don't like.
More cherry picking: "I have discovered whether the math book is old or new, 2+2 = 4 in each, therefore I do not believe that the condition or newness of your education infrastructure means you cannot learn."

I don't think it's a Conservative or Liberal point to argue for new math -- but I do know that aging school infrastructure, underpaid teachers, and books that are too damaged to read will give you poor results compared to the more expensive alternatives. It's sad when funding for a public education system -- one of the few balancing factors that attempt to make this country a meritocracy by granting an equal start to all -- can be a point of political contention.

Some are capable of learning in spite of the shortcomings of their schooling, but it would be awful to jump to the conclusion that these are the only people that deserve an education. Life is improved for all members of a society when we improve the education of any member.
+Frank Crook That line inflames because it is true, and it exposes a mindset that many would rather stayed obscure. Its really that simple. Good ideas, are ideas that work. Results matter, not intent.
+Frank Crook You have a tendency to expand upon what I write in order to form your own strawman which you then tear down. Nice try, as nothing I said spoke to who deserves an education or not. Cant work with your premises, dude. I established my own. Argue those, dont expand my points, please?
+Keith Bloemendaal Kudos to you, sir. Way to pull yourself up, to where you can stand and walk tall. Your daughter is advantaged by your spirit.
What I see in a lot if objecting comments is an understanding of the need for safety nets for those in need. Something, despite popular belief, that conservatives do not want to get rid of (compassion for those truly in need is not lost to conservatives). Yet I also see generalizations or beliefs that anyone right-leaning is "voting against their best interest."

Another problematic thing I see in comments against Mr. +J.C. Kendall is a want for equality in result and not an equality in responsibility. For example, the debate on contraceptive funding. Instead of relying on education or the individual responsibility of the person, there's a push to provide "free" (nothing is free, it has to be paid for by someone, somehow) birth control etc. I have no problem with contraceptives, I just wanted to make sure that was clear, but I also realize that it takes two to tango. It's a decision/choice and not a forced action (except in the case of rape which is a disgusting act, no matter how it happens).

Another thing I keep seeing is the comment that conservatives have this "I got mine, screw you" mentality. That is far from the truth. Ya, there are some dicks out there that may think that way, but they are a noisy minority. The real mentality is more like"I got mine, let me show you how... but I'm not going to hand it to you." There is a constant mentality in our society that we can get rich quick and with little effort, ir that if you're rich you screwed someone or took advantage of someone to get there, but this is not Hollywood and that concept is BS. Everyone has the same opportunities, as promised by a "pursuit of happiness", and yes they will be slightly more difficult depending on your economic or social upbringing ... but it does not stop you. You can work your tail off, but if you simply go day to day and don't go outside your comfort zone, you aren't going to "do better."

I've got more, but typing on a phone sucks, and this reply is already pretty long. Maybe I'll have more later.
Another thing though, today we have a very binary society. It's "my way or the highway." A "conservative" is almost to general of a term. Just as there are more than one kind of liberal, there are also "social conservatives", "fiscal conservatives", "religious conservatives", or any combination. It's something the media loves to ignore, even those sources on the right (Fox News, Weekly Standard, etc.)
And there are liberals who are fiscal conservatives. None of this is so black and white.
+Roy Walter I know, this is going to sound like I am picking a fight...but can you name me a liberal that is a fiscal conservative? A prominent one?
This has been my favorite G+ thread thus far. I was never and am not currently rich however as far as I can remember when I began to understand politics I was always a conservative. These days not so much a Republican, more of a hawkish libertarian.

+J.C. Kendall semper fi bro!
+Pradheep Shanker it's all in your definition, of course, but Clinton did a hell of a lot better than Reagan, and either Bush. But beyond that, I side with many fiscal conservative initiatives like debt reduction, spending cuts for the military and taxing fairly. I also don't believe in giving businesses bonuses for shorting our economy. I do believe in increased spending for new energy sources that will ultimately benefit both our economy and our foreign policy a great deal.
For all the good that Clinton did, he wasn't really a fiscal conservative, except when he was dragged to that result. I was actually working in DC at that time, and if it weren't for Congressional Republicans Clinton would never have balanced the budget.

Don't get me wrong...I still think Clinton did a good job in general, but I would not really call him a fiscal conservative.
+Roy Walter Clinton did NOTHING. He had a Republican Congress that forced his hand. He veto'd welfare reform twice, until Dick Morris told him is was political suicide to do it a third time. Then he took credit for it. History, my friend.
You're right, during his second term he had an obstructionist congress and a certain newt that brought our government to its knees over nothing (was it serious? Yes, should it have paralyzed our country? No). The opposition wants nothing but to make leadership fail, regardless of its effect on our country. Nothing different today.

A president doesn't make everything happen, and a president can't take all the credit. But how things are once he leaves office are the result of his negotiations and efforts given the overall environment he has to work with. No one can do everything for everybody, and succeed in everything they attempt. His support for education, science and budgeting was impressive. Whether you agreed with what he did or tried to do is an individual thing. I'm not happy with what happened before or after him, and not happy with everything during his terms, either.
+Roy Walter An obstructionist Congress that got more done in that term than any Congress in recorded history. History, dude. History.
+J.C. Kendall As someone else mentioned, I like these kinds of threads, but your "NOTHING" is disingenuous and frankly undermines any productive discussion.
+Roy Walter My "nothing", refers to the points that you suggested Clinton accomplished. I stand by it. Unless you consider a signature to be descriptive of leadership?
Dude, which republicans voted for the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993?
+Roy Walter Dude, we could do this all day, but I wont. We have a basic disagreement. I doubt either of us will convince the other, so I'll allow you the last word. Fair enough?
One thing Clinton did manage to do was get elected during the dawn of the dotcom BOOM. An economy that many seem to like to attribute to him! Also during a time of relative peace. As time-periods go Clinton had a pretty easy era to preside over.
Agree. My principles are conservative. But the way the GoP has been behaving over the last 10 years is not conservative. It has been irresponsible during the Bush years, selfish, stubborn, selective ideologically for what serves party members, and most of all not working for the people. Till they wake up, cleanse, and work for me again, they do not have my vote.
Obama works hard for me and for the safety of this country. He is not double faced. He is the only sane choice now.
Why do they call themselves "conservatives" when their beliefs are so extreme?
+Anthony Lyn Our concerns are NOT extreme, they are extremely different from yours. The difference, is that we can allow for differences without couching those differences as invalid. You can believe whatever you want, the problem your side has, is the fact that we can do. 
Excellent! You are dead on about the Republicans are not conservative any longer and have not been for decades. Teddy Roosevelt was an iconic conservative Republican.

People forget the root of conservative is conserve and the etymology: "to keep, preserve, keep intact, guard," which is what you believe in. 
Great post +J.C. Kendall. And thanks for sharing.

You know what's even better?
I'm a White social-democrat / leftist and we can still be friends you and I and collaborate as 2 mature Men. :)
+Denis Labelle +Gary S. Hart Thank you both. Denis, as a music lover, our commonality greatly trumps our differences. Gary, I am still trying to figure out how to steal all of your brains and experience for my own agenda. 
I love you +Denis Labelle, liberal, left, or whatever! +J.C. Kendall, you don't have to steal a thing. 1) You have a wonderful brain and plenty of experience. 2) My brains and experience are for sale :)