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With Google + Hangouts responsible for what amounts to a revolution of sorts with respect to cheap telecommunications, look what Microsoft and Skype are up to.

No doubt, this points to an absorption of Skype by Microsoft in the not-to-distant future, because Skype cannot survive as a free service, and it cannot compete with Hangouts without Microsoft's backing anyway.

My guess, is that the attempts to integrate these services into the brain-dead Facebook architecture are meeting with little success, and now this little hodgepodge is Plan B.

Bottom line?

Skype is history, one way or another...
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I've not used Skype once, since my first Hangout. Between hangouts and Google Voice, I see no reason to ever use Skype again.
Skype will survive for a while in business but generally it was bound to die at the moment they desided not to allow conferences aka hangouts, a few years ago.
Skype outside of the US is doing pretty well tho, since not alot of people here in Germany at least have discovered G+ or hangouts for that matter yet :D
i spent the whole day educating my relatives on Google hangouts and how insanely easy and user friendly it is...then I realized that it will take much longer for people to understand this whole concept of ease and complete integration away from the blue banner FACEBOOK!
Agreed +J.C. Kendall. Back when Microsoft purchased Skype, I started thinking about how they were going to absorb it into the Microsoft product line. My first thoughts were that it would just be a technology absorption into Lync, but they may turn it into a consumer product only.
I used to use Skype, not much, but I had it installed and it was there. Ever since it was bought my MSFT, my first impulse was to uninstall it. Never missed it. Before G+ Hangouts became my go to place for video chat, I used Jitsi (google it) with mixed results, but, it isn't tainted by the touch of Ballmer & Co.

The marriage of MSFT and Facebook, will be deadly for both. Each of them follow the same principles of locked in customers, there's going to be a struggle to whom the payment ( our data ) belongs. And also to whom the users are locked to. It may work for a short time, and on a market where there are no options, but, that was before Google started to fight them both, with a browser, several OS's, a social network, IM platforms and with no lock ins.

To me, it's a no brainer decision. But, I no longer try to call my friends from Facebook, I don't care anymore. I tried, they simply ignored it, it's their loss, and I say "Let them BURN". Not to friendly you say? Well, I'm their friend, not their father, they are free to make as many mistakes in their lives as they want. I'll be here to apply generous doses of I Told You So with a smirk. Next time they'll (maybe) hear me.
Am I the only one with a skype button on my chrome? There are a lot of people on skype who actually use it. It won't die any time soon. If skype is history, then Google + is a ghost town.
Google voice isn't allowed in all the countries I have been .... I agree google voice + google hangouts r a lethal combo, but I know for a fact my dad in Dubai, mom in qatar, husband in India and myself in Egypt will have to endure Skype just a little longer
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