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Got your shorts on? Facebook employees get to start dumping shares next month. 
The largest social-networking service is struggling to add new users in some of the markets that make up most of its sales.
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Too risky a game unless you're an option trader ;)
That next earnings report will put more pressure on the stock, they can't hype the 900 million users numbers any longer, now they have to report earnings and whether or not they are growing fast enough to justify 70 PE ratio. And they are not. Plus they will have to show how they are struggling with mobile revenue as more people visit Facebook on mobile devices not desktop.  
I'm showing a PE on almost 90 actually...

I was going to cover this in my market report this week; in terms of how you could trade the earnings release if you really wanted to (as an options strategy). I'm thinking I should do this tonight or tomorrow since we're only a week out.

+Allan Barry Laboucan I'll assume you're covering this too, yes?
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