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Okay, I had to give it a shot. I took a 6 muffin tin, and after mixing 4 eggs with 8oz of grated Tillamook Sharp Cheddar (da only Cheddar, btw) a cup of chopped green onions, and touch of garlic salt, because I would sprinkle garlic on candy, lined the pans with some thick sliced bacon, and threw it in the oven for 30m at 350degrees. They dont look like much, but after draining off the bacon grease with a paper towel......YUMMIE!!!!!
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I think they removed some stuff like that from my arteries during heart surgery! ;-)
Sounds yummy all right.

Taste: 10
Looks: 3
Bacon, egg and cheese cup cakes! WOW!!!!
Breakfast for dinner it is.  Thanks for the idea :)
The only thing that is better than Tillamook Sharp Chedder is Tillamook Sharp Chedder that is fresh at their facility. That tour was one of the best times of my life.
+Jef Oliver  I am there at least twice a year on my drives up the Oregon coast. I stop at the air museum, then to the Tillamook factory. I'm looking forward to taking +su ann lim there in a few weeks as I head to Canada. 
Wait a second here!  +J.C. Kendall did you say that you would sprinkle garlic salt on candy?  I thought that Haribo Gummies were perfect just the way they are!
+J.C. Kendall +Jef Oliver a cheese factory? A sharp cheddar cheese factory? I think you have found heaven. 
(runs off to Google Tillamook Cheese in hopes of online shopping opportunities)
+Bethany H. Moore There are actually Gummies called LI HING that have a salty taste to them. I am loyal to Haribo, but as a gummy backup the Li Hing's aint bad. 
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