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Somehow on another thread, the subject of whether Turkeys can fly came up, leading me to remember this wonderful episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. 

Yeah folks, Its the Turkey Drop scene. Where were you in 1978 when this aired? I was a high school soph at the time. Enjoy a synopsis of one of the funniest moments in TV history. 
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oh god this still makes me laugh until I cry.  _as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly_  This episode, and then the BC Comics Thanksgiving cartoon (does anyone remember that?) were my Thanksgiving holiday staples.
Haha! Great episode. Nessman doing the report was a classic.
Brilliant. I remember watching that when it first aired.
Lorri M
This was SO FUNNY!
The whole family watched that show!  I only wish they could release the episodes as they originally aired.
One of the all-time great sitcom episodes. But it's also a real shame that the series can no longer be aired or released to DVD due to the totally messed up licenses schemes involved:

From the above article:

"As the DJ spins the record as he's talking to Loni Anderson, if there is music playing even for a couple of seconds, then the people producing the DVDs would have to license it."

Insane and a loss to TV history...
Still love Les's imaginary office walls, and how Andy always had to turn around and open the invisible door to talk with him. 'May the good news be yours!'
The pinedale shopping mall has just been bombed with live turkeys!
I think this episode performed a great service to turkeys and poultry lovers, by informing the public that domestic turkeys don't fly.

Wild turkeys don't fly real well, but they do glide up into trees at night to roost.

WKRP remains one of the finest examples ever of excellent comedy writing.
I was a Freshman in high school and I laughed so hard when I watched this that I pulled a muscle in my side and missed a sporting event because of it! O.K. I'm kidding about the pulled muscle thing. :-)
I loved that show and do remember that episode. I was a Freshman in HS..
I actually remember watching this as it aired & as someone that lives out in the country, I CAN also attest to the fact that yes, turkeys can indeed fly .... very badly & very ungracefully, but they can fly, of course, they DO have to be ALIVE & UNFROZEN ..... #justsayin
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