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Okay, I'll play, but I take no responsibility for these results..

You are alone at a bar. Use the first 7 people in your circles! DONT CHEAT (hit Circles tab and make sure you sort by relevance)
The pole dancer +stephanie wanamaker
Bartender: +Steph L Davis
Person who tries to get you drunk: +Constance Vlahoulis
Your wing man/woman: +Laurie Morrison
Hottest person in the room: +Cindy Kapellusch
Drunk person in the corner: +Ken Brown
Person who gets arrested: +Ron Kapellusch

I dont know, Ron, you probably don't want to leave me alone at the bar with your wife, dude.....
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+stephanie wanamaker No, I'm alone at the bar, remember? If I stand up and reveal my height, it just makes it that much harder to keep the ladies off me, while I finish my Guinness, so I aint tellin' till +Ron Kapellusch gets dragged away by the cops...
I have never tasted Guinness so its quite possible that is a beer I would like ! My mom had it in Ireland and loved it but said it was heavy enough to be a meal in itself
I was in rare form this weekend JC.I got dragged off but not by the cops but by my buddy. Passed out on the Fountain. You missed your opportunity. 
Funny!! Don't like the part of Ron getting arrested however.... 
But then again, if Ron got arrested, would you still be alone at the bar??? 
I'm with you there!! We can sit back and watch... 
Either Kettle n diet tonic or sailor Jerry n diet coke... Can you drink as bartender?? 
+Ron Kapellusch Glad it wasnt on the boat, my brother... We'll do that thang, soon too. Working so hard this year, I intend to do much more PLAYING next spring.
I was once told that customers like a bartender that drinks, so sure! :)
Ok, we'll do a shot and guess who JC picks up... 
How about a lunchbox?? Has beer, amaretto and OJ .. or Jenna Jamison.. Shot of Jamison n x rated
+Steph L Davis I'm sorry; let me introduce you to a couple of my Tweeps from the old neighborhood. Ron & Cindy Kapellusch; two folks who know how to work hard and play harder. Never been so jealous of anyone than these two hard chargers.

Kapellusch's; Steph L Davis is the kick-ass Real Estate Wonder Woman out of the NYC. Always classy, but usually has Pastrami on her breath. :-)

Steph Wanamaker is my home-girl; friendliest person on any social media. These were my first two circles on G+ when I got here. No regrets, as they rock.
Ok, lunchbox it is... Will tell stories of J.C....
The one sitting at bar alone will pick up the tab
Love bringing my buds all owe me Scotch and Pie.
I think chocolate stashed candy is really what you want!! 
+Cindy Kapellusch No, I've learned when it comes to candy, its best not to let a woman know I've got some. Y'all expect me to share, and stuff....
I am sure he will! Or else ;) Remember, I double as the bouncer too heheh
+Steph L Davis When you come at me, I'll whip out my Pastrami sandwich from Carnigie Deli, and bribe you into submission.... Hell, I doubt I'll even pay for another drink....
Time for me to leave to bar.. Gotta go bail Ron out!! Later everyone 
cheese is my dogs Kryptonite when I cant get him to come in from backyard and dont feel like chasing him I say here I have cheese and like a hot hes in house
No problem. If they are tweets, what are we?? Googles?? 
"Plussers" seems to be taking hold...
Awww THANKS +J.C. Kendall my friends always tell me I make a GREAT wingman, of course I'm usually much BETTER if I'm actually THERE!! Sorry I missed the chat, I've enjoyed it vicariously though!! (((HUGS)))
But just so ya'll know, while everyone thinks I'm so sweet, I'm the instigator type too. 8-)
Still learning how this all works. Just finished working... Bar still open?? 
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