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LinkedIn is going to sell you, dude...

Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy
conditions. Without any action from your side, LinkedIn is now permitted to
use your name and picture in any of their advertisements.

Some simple actions to be considered:

1. Place the cursor on your name at the top right corner of the screen. From
the small pull-down menu that appears, select "settings"
2. Then click "Account" on the left/bottom
3. In the column next to Account, select the option "Manage Advertising Preferences"
4. Finally un-tick the box "LinkedIn may show me ads on third-party websites."
5. and Save

How to inform your connections? Simple: Via Inbox > Compose message in Linkedin,
you can send a message to 50 connections at once. All who will appreciate
being informed.
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Thanks for the head's up; I wish all companies were as transparent about the privacy changes as Google. I will make them a deal: they can use my name and picture if they get me an awesome job.
Oracle recently purchased LinkedIn, did it not???
Great heads up. It's most appreciated!
Thanks man. I coulda sworn I made that change ages ago... You might have to check it each time they update their privacy conditions...
I almost never check my LinkedIn, so either this has been there for a very long time and I had already unchecked it or mine was defaulted to unchecked.
Ken Liu
The childish arse that forms the best half of me would say that we should all update our LinkedIn photos with a placard holding up LinkedIn are screwing with your privacy
Da Arč
done, cheers mate and shared!!
they've changed it in June 2011, almost one year ago... it's worrying that so many people are noticing it only now
Very sneaky LinkedIn.........
Thanks for the heads up - just modified my settings.
Seems like LinkedIn has been doing this a lot recently... And it's even a for-pay product in some cases.
Rick L
Don't think people are reading it right?
The setting you suggest changing is about LinkIn displaying ads to you on other sites.
Not about you on other sites.
she is gonna sell you u little dude
Rick L is right - I do not think it means what you think it means...
+Wylie Kyi

This not true at all. We do not use your name and picture in any of their advertisements. This has to do with seeing ads from LinkedIn that are being placed on other sites that aren't LinkedIn.

Less fuss made than for Google doing something much more innocuous - perhaps because big money like Apple and Microsoft don't see it as competition
I read that there used to be another check box that said “LinkedIn may use my name and photo in social advertising”
That box is no longer there. The change it appears had to do with the list of followers of products and services advertised on LinkedIn.
If you follow a service, you might be listed as a follower. Don't like it, don't follow anyone on LinkedIn.
Atleast that is what I got on the issue using google for a little research.
uh that setting has nothing to do with whether they can use your picture or not.
One rule for the media when it comes to reporting the new fashionable badboy google, and different rules for Facebook and linked in, and who are MUCH worse...
You would think by now companies would realize that keeping, or even trying to, keep this sort of thing concealed only makes it blow up and become worse for them.

Thanks for the heads up though, +J.C. Kendall!
There is no hope for any of us if people cannot read that 'use your name and picture in any of their advertisements' is not the same as 'LinkedIn may show me ads on third-party websites'
I caught that as well, +David Bennett. I just thought maybe one or the other was incorrectly written.
Thank you for posting this.....
He can use my pic for a lot of money I will sue him for the V.W. that he has driven & plus gas,and oil change,&lube job.
Well, I guess I had better put up a better photo. Seriously, what good business social network alternative is there?
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