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Java application monitoring made simple!
Java application monitoring made simple!

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Long-term status update: I'm sorry to announce that Java Simon is not really maintained anymore due to my lack of time combined with the fact that it's not used in my current project (not that I wouldn't like that). I can still fix bugs in core modules, but no active development is to be expected. Sorry for that. It still is open-source and license is pretty liberal, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.

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Overdue Java Simon 4.1.0 release has happened! Nothing major, you can see the changes in linked History/Release notes page. But there was some deadlock too, and I'm sorry it took me so long to push it out. It is also possible to check incremental sample without resetting it.

#javasimon Java Simon 4.0.0 was released just now! See project page on GitHub:

There are no big changes since 3.5.x... except it requires Java 7. :-)

Java Simon 4.0.0 is pushed to Maven Central repo, Javadoc is up on GitHub Pages here:

Future of 4.x version is not clear right now, but I'd like to clean up the code in the first place before thinking about new features. We will probably develop related stuff as separate projects as well - again to keep the core part small and better maintainable.

Enjoy :-)

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Java Simon 3.5.2 was released. This version fixes synchronization issue - this may manifest if you use onSimonCreated callback method.

In the meantime, codebase of Java Simon was moved to GitHub and in future it will be trimmed down a little bit, probably split into main project and related projects. Trouble is I cannot focus on all the code as there is now. Version 4.0 that will require Java SE 7 is still beeing cooked. :-)

NPE was discovered in SimonServletFilter when init-param stopwatch-source-props is not present (which should not be mandatory of course). Version 3.5.1 is fixing this - and it is out as of NOW.

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Java Simon 3.5.0 is out! This took again longer than we wanted, but the wait is over. Biggest change is "incremental sampling" and a couple of "calculate*Aggregate" utilities. Under cover there is also new "clock" abstraction. Most important decision however is, that this is last update for 3.x branch - and we will start working on 4.0 version. Version 4.0 will require Java SE 7.

For now however, check our announcement:

Try it and let us know what you think.

#javasimon #release  

Time for #javasimon 3.5 is getting near. The most important change in the core library is introduction of "incremental sampling" - thing that should have been there for a long time probably. Thanks to this you can get sample containing only increment of a Simon - and you can do so independently for multiple periods and separate clients! This allows as to deprecate Simon.reset and anything related to it.

Version 3.5 will be also the last version supporting Java SE 6. And hopefully the last with Maven as a primary build, but that is yet to be determined. :-) Stay tuned!

Long time ago I wanted to provide some screencasts for Java Simon, but I couldn't find easy way to do it without investing a lot of money into something serious. Free stuff went out of sync with audio, etc... Recently I found Screencast-o-Matic - easy to use, uploads to YouTube - and here is my first try to revive the idea of Simon Screencasts!
Java Simon - your first Stopwatch

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Our project page was updated with announcement  of 3.4.0 release:

Javadoc link was added there as well. Sorry it took me 9 days. ;-) Happy Simoning.

Long time from our promise of 3.4 version being out soon - sorry for that. Yesterday I committed a few adjustments to Simon's URL to Simon name mapping so that anything that ends with /4352/35434 is ignored (there must be some alpha character after the slash, otherwise it's taken away). This should be good default for bookmarkable links with id-s in them. Of course, the whole HttpStopwatchSource is still very extensible and overridable.

Now I have to find out how to release the beast with Maven+Git combination. :-) I'm sure it will be fun. Especially when Maven Central is the target.
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