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Hugo Costa
Entrepreneur, developer and technology enthusiast. Aquaria Nuts.
Entrepreneur, developer and technology enthusiast. Aquaria Nuts.


Does anyone know if there is an app that "copies" the Nextbit Robin main feature, the less used apps unloading? I thought an app like this was in the app arena, but I can't find it...

Thank you!

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Google just put #HASSELHOFF with my 3 year old son in the shower. #HASSELHOFFFAIL #FAIL  #Hoffsome
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I really wanted to use Google+ Photos to store my photos, but i want to keep online my original camera files, so i've done some tests. Here are the results:

Even if you choose "Original Size" in Google+ Auto Backup or Picasa your photos are still being compressed. 

Example: An uploaded 4,322,264 bytes original file, will be 2,033,614 bytes after download through Google+ Photos.
The resolution is kept as expected at 4272 × 2848 after download.

Only if you store your photos in Google Drive you will be able to download back the original files, with the same size that your original file had.

This is a major problem because you will not get the same functionality if you backup to Google Drive, you can choose to show them in Google+ Photos, but the Auto features will not work.

I'm paying for 1Tb of storage, what does Google care if i'm filling it with more or less photos? Why is Google compressing them?

Is there a setting that i'm missing?
[Edit] Yes there is! :)

Please see the solution in my answer to this post. :)

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+Leo Laporte +Gina Trapani +Jeff Jarvis Great conversation on #TWIG this week about #Google and I can tell you what I want from them:

Just let me pay for the Google Experience/Life. And by doing that Google will not show me any ads, will not help anyone to target me, will not pass any data about me, even anonymised, to any third party.

Then I will be in peace with my addiction to Google. I use Google products for everything.
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Life-size Lego car is powered by air, goes 20 mph!

Made with 500,000 Lego pieces, this car has a fully-functional LEGO engine using 256 working pistons!

Built by Australian +Steve Sammartino and Romanian +Raul Oaida, the car goes at least 20 mph, although they're holding back on the plastic throttle for fear of a "Lego explosion." 

According to the builders, the wheels and some load bearing elements are non-Lego.


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Este artigo não conseguiu encontrar nem uma startup portuguesa para mencionar. Será que temos de refletir?
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