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Sadly, I know many fathers who have gone through this very thing and worse. It's a horrible thing to be stripped from your children's lives for no reason other than someone else's own agenda.

So many people will play the card of "there must have been a reason" or call him a deadbeat, or say he must have been abusive, or what have you, to justify the mother's and the court's actions.

I can give you many counts from other fathers where this was not the case. And if I know so many personal experiences, God knows how many there are that I'm not aware of.

And sadly, until you've been involved, your eyes aren't truly opened to how widespread this is.

Thankfully, none of the men I know have gone so far as to take their own lives, but some have been on the brink. They've lived on that edge, and thankfully, pulled themselves from it or had at least one person understand them, and help pull them away.

I pray for this man and his family. After some searching, it appears he took his own life on December 29, 2013. I'm so sad for his children and what they went through both before and after their father did this. This struggle is not just painful for the father but for his children as well.

I pray that more people open their eyes to parental alienation and abuse by exes, courts, and lawyers, without having to be involved personally.

I pray that change eventually comes.

I pray for my step-son who I have never met, that he never finds himself in the situation his father did.

I pray that his family is well and that his mother finds peace in her life instead of hate in her heart.

I pray that one day we can be a part of his life, no matter what his age. His father will always love him and want to be there. We never stop growing up, we never stop learning, and we will always be ready for him with open arms.

And I thank God that I have my daughters. Even if oldest is not of my blood, she is a love of my life. She is amazing, beautiful, courageous, and ever-learning. And I am so thankful to have her in our lives and away from abuse and neglect. I'm so thankful that I know of one case where the system finally prevailed before it was too late. Many times they do not...

God bless.
Suicide letter wrote by a divorced father.
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Sarah King

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Oh good Lord.... I am still shaking and have the shivers...

The rest of you must now suffer with me. You can thank +Richard Hay for that...

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
And this is how a trapdoor spider attacks.

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Every time someone says nope, an angel gets its wings!
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Sarah King

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Did You Know

...that for a $50 donation level, you will receive not only the eBooks of The Eye of God and Storm Without End, but the author +R.J. Blain will also send you prints of the cover art, AND a hand-drawn map of the fantasy world in question?

There are five left - Go geddit!

#SendBlissNotBombs   #BlissKrieg  
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Sarah King

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Happy Earth Day!

Check out how +NASA is celebrating :)
NASA invites you -- and everyone else on the planet -- to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2014, with the agency's #GlobalSelfie event.
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Sarah King

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This guy seems to think he will get fed sooner by putting his butt in my face and then sitting on me.

He has no shame. That's just his pitiful "feed me" face.
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Seriously need to buy Sevendust's acoustic album *Time Travelers & Confires"

If you're a fan, check out "Black" unplugged. That is freaking awesome.
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Sarah King

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This is me... sigh

Can I try to go back to bed now?
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Dylan E
+logan vandiver, ya man I know what you mean, people think green day's still punk. Real punk is sex pistols, exploited, minor threat and so much more.
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HAHAHAHA Littlest's school nurse called last week saying she wasn't feeling well and that her tummy hurt. I asked to talk to her and asked her if she tried pooping... She said yes, and it didn't work. Daddy picked her up from school that day, because when pooping doesn't work, you know you're really not feeling well!
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+debi heiser Do you remember that mom asked the same question to us as well?  Very cute, now that I think of it.  Grandma Clara would either offer us a little bit of 7-Up, or she would make us a small cup of peppermint water.  Those were actually pretty effective remedies, particularly the peppermint water.  I wonder where she learned them from.
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Sarah King

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Why do I keep seeing articles from overweight women talking about how society makes them feel inadequate when society needs to be accepting? And how that same society will turn on someone who is too skinny?

You know what? I think society has a lot more issues than just judging peoples' weight. Society judges much more, and not all of society thinks this way or that or partake in forms of judging. But, you know what?

F}^* society then. Yes, words can hurt. Emotions flow like waves, through EVERYONE. We don't always feel an emotion, but when we do, the normal length of time for that emotion is 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If it is any longer than that, you have either just experienced something truly emotional (birth, death, etc), or you need to find a way to be more accepting of the reality of things. Don't blame or ridicule others for their judgements when your judgements on yourself are just as harsh.

Guess what? I am obese by medical standards. How many of you care? Well if you do, I hope it is for only health reasons . And health wise, I could be better but I'm not sick, I'm actually very blessed to have the health I do. I am thankful for that.

And I'm beautiful. Maybe not to you or someone else, but to me I am. We all have imperfections and flaws, and in no way am I perfect, nor do I feel like there is nothing I should change. I should lose weight and become even healthier. I should eat better. But I'm not going to let that consume me. Instead, I'm going to say this:

I'm fat because I like food. I like unhealthy foods, and I eat them. And I don't get enough exercise, and I'm fully aware of my part in my obesity. That's all on me. So "society" is not going to make me feel bad, mean comments won't make me feel bad, my husband asking me to work out and eat healthier won't make me feel bad (he says this for health, not beauty). I won't make me feel bad. I will realize the truth of things, I will look for ways to do better, but I won't use shame as a method of motivation.

I'm also going to go home and have some orange sherbet after work, take my kiddo to soccer practice on muddy fields, laugh with my eldest kiddo while we watch these little ones play in the mud, and look forward to when my husband gets home from school, and cherish the time I'm spending with my family.

Because all of that^^ is way more important to me than the shame people seem to think they should feel for being overweight.
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Sounds nummy!
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Sarah King

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Look what I did, Internet!!!
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Dad always had a lot of luck with marigolds and impatiens.  They make good border plants if you find yourself in need.
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