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Gabrielle Hermosa

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Just a short update video I recorded yesterday after taking part in a transgender panel, educating pharmacists-in-trining about trans realities at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College.  They were a smart bunch and give me a lot of hope about the future. :)
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Gabrielle Hermosa

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I published a new "crossdressing in public" article on my website.  My wife and I attended a drag show together.   I share my experience of being the only part time tgirl (non-drag queen) out to dinner and a drag show and people's reaction to seeing someone like me out in the wild.  Which bathroom did I use?  How did I deal with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction?  Click and find out. :)
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Gabrielle Hermosa

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Gabrielle Hermosa originally shared:
I just tweaked my G+ profile a bit - first time since creating a Google profile (long before Google+ existed).  I'm a little foggy on the whole circles thing - I get notifications about being added to people's circles and people sharing with me, and so I just added some to my circles... after making some circles.

I love interacting with people, learning about others, and sharing thoughts, experiences, etc., but my life is rather busy these days and free time is in very limited quantity. :(  If I seem a bit quiet on G+, that's why.

If you're reading this, I hope you're having a beautiful day! :)

Love & peace. :)
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Daring to explore the social taboo of being myself in a world that demands conformity over reality.
I’m a part time tgirl (crossdresser) and the author of the informative website about the realities of crossdressing:

My wife is very accepting of my feminine side. She rather enjoys it and shares my taste in women’s clothes.  Most of my time is spent in "man form" - it is necessary for my day job and general day-to-day activities/responsibilities.  When opportunity allows, I transform into Gabrielle and enjoy life that much more for the duration.

For those who are confused by crossdressing: I’m a straight man (or lipstick t-lesbian), married, and I’m not looking for a romantic relationship. Most men suppress their feminine side but I embrace and explore mine. I love women/femininity so much (perhaps too much) that I really enjoy embodying it as much as currently humanly possible. That’s it in a nutshell.

There’s a lot more to my life than just crossdressing. Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend much of my time indulging. Busy, busy life. :(

To learn more about me, crossdressing realities, and my creative interests, please visit my website:

Bragging rights
I attended my 2009 class reunion en femme! Seriously - read about it on my site:
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working for the man by day, transgender advocate and media artist by night
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