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Lee Gregory
Hench Nutrition Athlete & Nutritionist
Hench Nutrition Athlete & Nutritionist

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Does The Christmas Diet Work?
Christmas is a time of the year where many
people overindulge in fatty foods, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Considering
millions of people start the new year with the ‘lose weight’ resolution, the
Christmas diet is based around the idea of losing some weight le...

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Nutrition tips for ‘hardgainers’
Packing on size and mass is not an easy
thing to do, but it can be extra tough if you’re a ‘hardgainer’. A hardgainer
is simply someone who finds it harder than others to increase their size and
mass. Some people will find it easier to get bigger, whereas o...

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Can you build muscle AND burn fat at the same time?
This is a question I get asked a lot, and it's not a surprise. Many people want to build a muscular physique, but they also have fat to shed too, so of course those people will wonder if they can do both at the same time. So, can you? The answer is, yes and...

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Do you need supplements?
The need of supplements is one of the most common questions I get asked, whether it's through my business or Hench Nutrition. There are still a lot of people out there who think if they start taking a few supplements, they will become Arnold Schwarzenegger ...

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High fat diet or low fat? Which is best?
Some of you may have seen in the media (in the UK anyway) that apparently the Government have been wrong for a number of years by advising people to eat minimal fat. So because of this, some obesity organisations are claiming that this is the cause of the o...

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My new finisher for my workouts
I've had a bit of an up and down start to the year in regards to my workouts, with a few medical issues and an injury interrupting my training. I've got a solid weight routine set out, but I wanted to add in a little fat burning. A common go to fat burning ...

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"Obesity is crippling the NHS"
The National Health Service (NHS) is a fantastic system and helps millions of people every year, however, there are some down sides. Many people moan at the Government about a variety of topics every single day, but the reason why there are 'cuts' made, is ...

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Can Creatine Affect Your Mood?
Creatine is one of the oldest, most researched supplements on the market, but some people are still concerned about possible side effects. Some people even think creatine is similar to steroids, which then they fear that it could make them angry, annoyed an...

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Carbonated water VS fizzy drinks
Fizzy drinks have been known to be nothing but bad news for a very long time, so why do people keep drinking them? Two reasons - 1) the flavour, and 2) the texture! some studies I've read have shown that people are more 'addicted' to the fizz rather than th...

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Should You Use Machines or Free Weights?
This is an argument I have seen online for a very long time. Your hardened weight lifters will usually always say "machines are a waste of time!", but are they really? If you're wanting to build a muscular physique, then you need to lift heavy weights, and ...
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