Right vs Privilege and Responsibility

Yes, I imagine I might lose friends, and make enemies, however as I have seen all over recently "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"(cit. Edmund Burke)
Yes, this is going to be a bit of a rant. No, I do NOT think I'm better than anyone, nor
do I believe I am morally superior. I do believe in trying to live my life (whether real or virtual) in a manner consistent with common decency and with integrity.

Let's start with the very basic of privileges. Virtual. Philip Rosedale did NOT have to release the code that has become OPENSIM as an opensource program. Therefore OPENSIM is not a right, its a privilege. NO ONE owes you access be it f2p or P2P.
Games, of any sort, are not a RIGHT....they're not. NO ONE owes you entertainment....
Let's assume now that everyone accepts that and agrees. NO ONE has the RIGHT to tell someone how to LIVE their virtual, with the exception of the owner/management of whatever grid is the one that any specific person is homed on. My home is in Digiworldz, and I follow the TOS set forth by that grid. However, you can bet if someone tried to tell me how I had to live my virtual life and that person was not management...I'd tell them to piss off.

In the pursuit of YOUR belief, you do NOT have the RIGHT to steal other people's content and GIVE it away. You do NOT have the RIGHT to knowingly take items that are created for pay in another grid and bring them to OPENSIM and distribute them. You do NOT have the right to destroy what is, in essence, another person's livelihood in order to push YOUR belief, YOUR way of virtual. You do NOT have the RIGHT to put other's at risk of being called a thief (or worse) because they believed you were giving away things they thought you made.

I make content, and I give away more than I sell. However that is my RIGHT as I made it and can do that.

Responsibility: Recently much of opensim came together to get a LOT of stolen content removed from various grids. It was a wonderful thing to see so many grids working together against a common problem. However why now is no one doing anything about one certain region on one certain well known grid? With content put out by one VERY well known (KEEP OPENSIM FREE AND FULL PERM) fanatic? And you know, it wouldn't be soo bad I guess if this person was only dealing in opensim content, that would at least lend SOME credibility to their perceived RIGHT...however this person is distributing things from THE grid...from creators who are not even IN opensim. Now, we all want that lovely lovely stuff that is in THAT grid, but we have a responsibility to NOT accept, take, use obviously stolen content. If you can't accept that it is just the right thing to do by not doing it, please accept that it IS one of the biggest things that makes OS look bad. Really bad. Not just by creators either, regular, honest, everyday peeps see that and wonder how safe their stuff is, their money is....

There is no such thing as a victimless crime...even in virtual.
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