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Making Your Web Presence Work For You
Making Your Web Presence Work For You

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This might be relevant to those solopreneurs out there, and for those hiring some of your first employees--be sure to think about your policies and trajectory for employee expectations.
Working from home gets a bad rap. Google the phrase and examine the results—you’ll see scams or low-level jobs, followed by links calling out “legitimate” virtual jobs.

But Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Nicholas Bloom says requiring employees to be in the office is an outdated work tradition, set up during the Industrial Revolution. Such inflexibility ignores today’s sophisticated communications methods and long commutes, and actually hurts firms and employees.

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Congratulations Washington State for being named CNBC's #1 state for business! Among the highlights: fastest growing economy in the nation, and a leader in technological innovation.

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Success of Your Advertising Campaign May Depend on Platform
Rather than tease the article (just read it!), my takeaway from it is that success of an advertising campaign hangs on multiple factors. This study clearly shows the topic or domain your business operates in should be considered. The article also points out that the measured differences could be tied to demographics and the interests of the target market.

In short, don't just go spending money on ads without really taking some time to do some planning or you could just be throwing money away.

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A new (better!) way of building your community on Google+. Now you can share an invite link instead of having to invite people one at a time. Whew!

H/T +Carter Gibson
Invite all the right people to your Communities all at once

Communities are a great way for groups of people to share around a topic. But when you’re creating a Community for a group you’re a part of, like a book club, parent-teacher association, or work team, the last thing you want to have to do is invite each member one-by-one.

Since so many groups already have a way to get ahold of one another, whether that’s through email, chat, a newsletter or something else, we’ve created a new Community invite link so you can invite all the right people at once.

Community owners and moderators can share an invite link with their group however they choose. People with the link will be able to directly join both private and ask-to-join public Communities, and anyone who doesn’t have a Google account or Google+ profile will be able to create one along the way. Communities that are restricted to a given G Suite organization will continue to only be accessible to members of that organization.

If something changes, you can easily disable a shared link or generate a new one at any time. To share an invite link to your Community, just open the invite menu on Google+ web, turn on the “Allow invites by link” option, and grab the link that appears.


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"Website security continues to be a major source of concern. Last year we saw more hacked sites than ever - a 32% increase compared to 2015. Because of this, we continued to invest in improving and creating more resources to help webmasters know what to do when their sites get hacked."
I was kind of surprised to see them call out their structured data markup cleanup efforts and that they were actively evaluating those both algorithmically and manually.  ie: "We performed algorithmic and manual quality checks to ensure that websites with structured data markup meet quality standards."

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I'll be teaching this starting next month. Be sure to check it out, and I'd love to see you there! (This is an in-person course held at Seattle Central College)
The Entrepreneurship Toolkit.
Thinking of starting a business? If you're in the Seattle area, I'm teaching an 11-week course on the skills necessary to be successful in business. You'll hear the personal stories of Seattle-area business owners and what they've learned through their own entrepreneurship journey (and have a chance to build your own network)

Other skills and takeaways:
* Goal setting
* Community resources for business owners
* Assess your strengths and communication style
* Designing your business so that it works for you

The course can be taken as a non-credit Continuing Education offering, or as an enrolled Seattle Central College student for credit through the Business Technology Management program.

More information and registration:

An interview with both myself and the course creator, Jeff Levy, on the SCC blog:

#business #entrepreneurship #education

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I like that they're making the distinction between employer and non-employer small businesses. Most of the people I work with are home-based self-employed people, and they often get lumped in with the under-500-employees definition of small businesses. A business with one owner, and someone with 499 employees ....? Those are two different things.

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This last quarter was the first time in years of teaching marketing classes that anyone specifically asked about marketing ethics. While this piece isn't specifically about ethics, it shows both how marketing tools can be a double-edged sword, and that every successful tactic has a weak spot.

H/T +Dan Maker #marketing #ethics #politics

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Lovely heron image. Happy #NationalBirdDay  !

H/T +Ciro Villa 
In honor of #NationalBirdDay , a tribute to Bennu -- an ancient Egyptian deity that takes the form of a heron and is the namesake of OSIRIS-REx's target #asteroid
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