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Watching that MLK dedication today and it got me thinking. Yes, Martin (i call him Marty) was... is SUPER important not only to the Black but the American story. In no way can you try and argue the opposite without losing all credibility and being written of as racist. Thats kinda the mentality now a days. Still when i found myself reflecting on the life and legacy of Marty i couldn't help but wonder about all mighty equalizer.

Pussy has been the down fall of many men, leader and loser alike. In addition it is no secret that Marty was dippin his bread stick in a couple of sauces. This part of the post isn't up for debate. Nor is it slander these are facts and its nothing to be ashamed of. Shit if outside pussy is what the man needed to keep up his strength for me then hey, im sorry Corretta buuut O_o.
* digressing *
My point being this, how effective do you think MLK would have been in this day and age? With today's unforgiving media and the subsequent obliteration of this thing we knew as privacy. Would Marty still have been able to galvanize a nation with his side hoes writing tell all books and staring in their own reality shows? Actually the same can go for JFK and im sure a ton of others.

Look at what happened to Clinton. He's bounced back but at the time the remainder of his presidency was consumed by his BJ... which once again i say being the POTUS is a tough job, If he needed to bust one to keep his cool then Hillary should have gotten busy... for better or worse right?

For the record i don't condone cheating, or marriage for that matter but nevertheless a commitment is a commitment. however for some of the worlds leaders like "MLK" "JFK" and "Blow Job Clinton" ill offer some exceptions and retroactive passes in the name of duress and your subsequent contributions to the world.


its amazing that ppl keep adding me and i never use my G+ but by all means keeo it up.

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"According to the city's Department of Correction, no hypothetical evacuation plan for the roughly 12,000 inmates that the facility may house on a given day even exists."

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