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Eliran Nunez
I'm just a man with a plan trying to make it through
I'm just a man with a plan trying to make it through

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Really getting into Frostgrave and I may try it out. Love this Dwarf Warband. 

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This is just cute, haha
XP Just coz its cute and kinda meant to lighten up the current election mood XP

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I'll admit it that I don't like furries... but this is cute. 
My moms friends son has a brain problem where his brain is literally becoming petrified. He's seven but he can't talk, walk, or barley move. The doctors aren't 100% sure whats wrong...
I came downstairs in fursuit when he was here and his eyes dilated (the doctor said he does that when he's happy) and started laughing and smiling
It sure made my day <3

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Happy Halloween! 
Happy Halloween
My Little Pumpkin

For #Googleween13

Fast Facts on Halloween
1. Halloween Started as a Feast Before All Saints’ Day
2. Our Favorite Halloween Traditions Come From the Celtic Holiday Samhain
3. Halloween First Became Popular in the Southeast U.S. & it Wasn’t Widespread Until the Wave of Scottish & Irish Immigrants Arrived in the 19th Century
4. All Hallows Eve Was Popularized as ‘Halloween’ Thanks to a Poem by Robert Burns in 1785
5. The Original Jack-o’-Lanterns Were Made of Turnips

Photograph ©2015 Don Spenner
#halloween #pumpkins #jackolanterns #Googleween13 #selectcolor #trickortreat #donspennerphotography14331

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Whoa, this is so cool

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So cute! <3 That ain't no dog though, that's a WOLF! 

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I'm not rebloging I'm sharing so HA
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