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Fermi's Path - Arcade Game
Fermi's Path - Arcade Game

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A.I. Invasion celebrates its full release on Steam!

Look forward to:
- full campaign telling the story of the reclaimation of the Rimae planetary system
- 20 varied missions with a wide range of objectives
- 9 different environments
- 6 unlockable main weapons with different shooting behaviors and projectiles
- 5 unlockable special items, that serve as equippable special ability
- control up to 5 special units to approach combat strategically
- full gamepad support
- Steam achievements

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We're happy that Brandon from seemed to have much fun with Fermi's Path on XBox One.

Check out his review:

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A major update for A.I. Invasion was just released

This update brings a new mission to the table and contains a new location to discover: The A.I. space station! Additionally, the game now fully supports gamepad control!

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A.I. Invasion now available in Early Access on Steam!

GameArt Studio, the Indie developer from Berlin informed today that the recently announced top-down shooter A.I. Invasion is available in Early Access on Steam.

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Today starting at 11 am (PST) / 8pm (CET) Indie Gamedev Talk on the official Xbox Twitch Channel

Hello Folks,

Today the Microsoft team will present some new Indie games for the Xbox starting from 11 am (PST) (8pm (CET)) – and we join in with Quantum Rush: Champions which has been released last Friday for the Xbox One in the USA and Canada!

After a short presentation of the games questions may be asked to the developers. All questions on Quantum Rush: Champions will be answered by our game designer Alex.

We're happy to see you on Twitch this evening!

Log in at 11 am (PST) (8pm (CET)) on the Xbox Twitch channel:

Don't forget, who wants to join in the chat and ask questions needs a Twitch account!

Your Quantum Rush Team

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Quantum Rush: Champions is now available in the Xbox One Store

The game has been released for USA and Canada - so if you are from
another country the game is only visible with the appropriate region settings.

Lots of fun on the race track,
Your Quantum Rush Team

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The Future Racer Quantum Rush: Champions comes to Xbox One

GameArt Studio today announced the release of the action-loaded future racer Quantum Rush: Champions on Xbox One on June 19th

Quantum Rush: Champions is a classic action-packed futuristic racing game for the Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. As this special genre has been neglected for far too long, the developers from GameArt Studio decided to move forward with Quantum Rush: Champions to take over.

Quantum Rush: Champions has been designed as an offline single player game featuring a career mode with sophisticated campaigns containing various trials and boss fights. On 14 gigantic futuristic race tracks set on earth and in space players have to overcome countless trials and beat merciless AI pilots to unlock upgrades, new racers and new tracks. Additionally, an arcade mode allows players to create and race all new custom trials.

Quantum Rush: Champions will be available on Xbox One on June 19th via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program.

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Dear Players,

Fermi's Path is now available as a FREE DEMO VERSION on Steam:

The demo version contains the complete first 3 Levels of the game – so each player can test the game easily before they decide to get the full version.

The full version offers many additional features such as an Infinity-mode, a level editor and popular Steam Community features.

We wish you lots of fun!

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Dear Players!

Finally, the moment has come! Fermi's Path is available on Steam!

Over the next days we will fix some minor bugs and finish works on the level editor.

If something should not work please post it directly to the Community HUB.

We wish you lots of fun with Fermi's Path. We look forward to your reviews.
The Fermi's Path Team
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