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Techie for the schools and family

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Great Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit coming soon in January 2016 to MN. This year at Fridley High School, MN. The Ed Tech Team does an outstanding job.

Digital Video question. What options are there for sharing digital video resources with students. There are not videos in the Google Play for Edu store. We do subscribe to channel content with Safari Montage and that works for a lot but teachers are great at finding so much more than is license in that system.
Example, an episode from The Smithsonian Channel online can be purchase from several places (iTunes, Google play, Amazon Video) for a couple bucks. But was can't share that put on the network because it violates terms of service and likely has DRM preventing it from being accessed by multiple users. Do vendors like this sometimes have "school" copies or licenses? Should each teacher buy their own copy to show in class?

This seems to be a growing question I get a lot.

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Hi there. We're having some trouble with HP 11 Chromebooks whose warranties have expired. One has a screen that shorts off and on. 4 others says we need to reinstall OS but each time we try, it fails. Ruined 3 thing drives trying. Any tips? Our IT guy is telling me they're all garbage now, even though we've had them for less than 2 years. Suggestions wanted!

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Mason asked me to watch this video 3 times tonight. Just did and it was well worth it. You might enjoy it, too. 

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Yet Another Orphan Black Fan. If you haven't watched this or been told by someone else to check it out -- you should. 

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10 Great tips for using +Chromebook 
learn shortcuts the easy way 
hit the keys  ----- CTRL+ALT+?  -------- 
to see all of them !

#chromebook   #shortcuts   #promevo  

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Fonts in Chrome causing "Aw Snap!" crash.
Are other schools having problems with too many fonts being loaded in a student's google apps profile so that Google Chrome crashes when the open documents?  We are seeing it more and more.  Our solution is to login to Google App in Firefox, Open a Doc, go to My Fonts and slowly delete the "my fonts" from their account.  Seems pretty dumb.   We think the fonts are spreading like viruses from one Google doc that has tons of fonts to other users accounts when they share it and collaborate on a doc.   Any one have suggestions or other strategies? 

 Saw this thread:  
One part that stuck out to me is this:
Fonts you add to your list will show in collaborators' font lists.

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We tried " all apps except" but that didn't prevent browsing to unwanted apps and attempts to install (which was the goal of the teacher) so we abandon trying to block apps. We do use the "for your domain" part of the App Store to present a curated apps list. 
A few questions about what you guys do with apps and extensions.

1. Do you "block all apps and extensions except for.." or do you have "allow all apps and extensionsexcept for.."

2. If you block all an then add some ones to the whitelist how do you display those? How do users know which apps they can install or not? It would a pain for them to simply guess, try and install then get the error.

The only thing I can think of is to add those whitelisted apps to the "recommended apps" page.

Is there any better way? They should put an icon on the apps that are available for the domain. That'd be cool.

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Looks like Mozilla is copying Apple's new look in iOS 7 even before it is released.  The Firefox logo loses lighting and shading between version 21 and 23.
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Sorry to see Ron Johnson ousted from JCP.  Hope he goes on to better things.
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