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Raymond Mc Donagh
Becoming a Silver Surfer and Internet Curious Mouse
Becoming a Silver Surfer and Internet Curious Mouse

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I don't know, but I assume ( bearing in mind the danger of making those) that all + points go back to what is refferred

To Kristoffer Jerrard Carag, Happy New Year, and to everyone else here, the same.
I have read your post about dual booting, and I would point you in the direction of the PinguyOS Forum, and a user there called Dell Boy has done an excellent tutorial on Dual Booting and Partitioning you might want to look at.
All the Best, Respectfully Yours

Yay!! PinguyOS has a Community!!  Glad to have found it!!

I  am not a programmer, or coder, just a common or garden user of Ubuntu, I hope I am welcome, as I can keep up to date with any developments in my favourite Linux Distro.

I noticed the PinguyOS logo on the tile, so just HAD to join in. I love PinguyOS , simply the Best mod of Ubuntu under Gnome Shell I have seen!
Respectfully yours

Hi I am glad to be here, I use Ubuntu quite a lot, but I am not the most knowledgeable of users
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