Beethoven Composed this in Vienna when he was already deaf. The worst thing that can happen to a musician. He was "mad" in composing the fifth and angry against the destiny.
With this Pastorale that tells a story about a group of people going out for a "picnic" and getting caught by a storm, and then the sun comes out again, the German born (adopted by the Austrian courts) composer seemed to have made peace with himself and nature who was a bit too hard on him by taking away the only sense he really needed to enjoy his writings.

I am sure that he "heard it " anyway in his head. Still I believe that he taught me a great life lesson about "passion2 for what one does in his life. It doesn't matter what obstacle you will enconter while pursuing your dream, as long you take to the final step.
I heard this story on my way to work tonight and I wanted to share it with everyone here on +Google+ and in particular with the "Queen of Sharing" +Eileen McAllister

And also with +Robert Redl who lives in such a wonderful City that gave birth and adopted some of the best musicians ever lived like Mozart and Beethoven himself who was born in Germany but lived his best times in Vienna as he was kept there by the Royals of his times (he was given a salary of 6000 "fiorins" in 1808 in a time where 500fiorins were good enough to live well in Vienna).
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