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Matt Kopala
Geek, engineer, world traveler, Aspie, passionate developer, and father to two little dogs
Geek, engineer, world traveler, Aspie, passionate developer, and father to two little dogs

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Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here.  The whole layout and UI has changed.  I'm a bit disoriented now ;-)

Ok, back to what I was doing, and not using Google+.  I want to come back to you at some point ... really.

Google+ didn't end up as a competitor to Facebook for me. Only a few friends post, and I barely do any more. Too bad. :-(

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Coursera - Online Education

NLP, Algorithms, and Cryptography classes just went live. Model Thinking and SaaS have already been going for a couple of weeks.

+Aaron Kavlie +Mel Adamei +James Abel

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Group Chat

Flowdock looks like an interesting tool.

I've used HipChat a bit before and liked it. I set up an XMPP chat server with an LDAP/RADIUS backend & shared group roster at my last job. I've used Skype and Google Talk more than anything else, with Pidgin as an XMPP client most of the time. I haven't touched IRC in probably 10+ years.

I wonder how all of these compare:

I'll have to revisit this at some point. I'd like to find a good group chat application that makes sense for multiple scenarios.

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Online classes for Model Thinking, CS 101, Building a Robotic Car, and SaaS are up. The rest of the classes should be coming soon.

Looks like a lot of good review of material from the AI course last fall in the introductory material for the Robotic Car class.

The Model Thinking class looks like a very good match for the Machine Learning class so far.

SaaS seems like old news for anyone who's done a lot of modern software development, especially using Ruby on Rails and EC2, etc.

Although an "introductory" course, the CS 101 class looks like it will have some interesting nuggets of wisdom.

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I created a presentation on Git earlier this week. Here's how I did it.

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I'll be presenting on Git tomorrow night at the azPHP users group.

Will be throwing together my presentation later today, and finishing it up tomorrow. Any suggestions on topics to cover?

Facebook group:

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New blog post. Still a bit of cleanup to do, but came together pretty well.
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