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Wilfredo Jr. Estardo

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This is I........
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Testimony no. 1
1.Do you have similar experience?
Yes, I have a similar experience when I was in 1st year college.
2.Think of a skill that you have. How did you acquire it?
I am now a computer literate. I can do all my projects that involve with computer without any help of others. I acquire it because of the Cs 21 subject and practicing always.
3.Think of a concept. How did you learn it?
I learn this by using the concept of John Dewey which is '' Learning by doing ''.

Testimony no. 2
1. Yes, when I was doing our chemistry laboratory experiment in 1st year.
2. I have the skill to interact well in front of the class. I inquire it by simply thinking always positive.
3. I learn this by using the concept of '' No guts, no glory''.

Testimony no. 3
1. Yes, when I was a grade 4 student. I really thought that the statue of MacArthur was an actual size of a man.
2. I have a skill to draw pictures from any different sizes. I acquire it by constant practice.
3. The concept of '' Practice makes perfect'' help me to achieve this.

Testimony no. 4
1. Yes, when I had a report about a certain topic. I reported it even though I don't understand it thoroughly.
2. I have the skill to adjust into my environment easily. I am the type of person who can detect my mistakes.
3. The concept of '' Learn from your mistakes'' helps me to achieve this.
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A. I have learned many things about the principles of teaching which gives me a lot of ideas on how a teacher performs its daily task. I really now understand that the teacher must used the different principles of teaching so that the students can easily relate the lesson.

B. I will apply my learnings by teaching them all what I have learned in a proper way. I will also try to level my standard into their standard, so that I can determine which part they need to learn more.
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1. Technology makes our communication fast and easy.
2. Hospitals nowadays use modern equipment which can detect and treat the diseases.
3. The food productions have been increasing because of the modern equipment.
4. People nowadays can go easily anywhere they want to go.
5. Exchanging of knowledge and information are now very easy by using the internet.

1. Many students drop-out because of the online internet games addiction.
2. Many minor girls are in early pregnancy because of the cellphones and internet.
3. New modern technology inventions are leaving a lot of waste and pollution to our environment.
4. Many old applicants are drop-out into their jobs because they don't know very well the new gadgets and man power are no longer needed.
5. Medical care services become more costly that sometimes only wealthy people can afford.


I can really say that technology can never replace the teacher in the classroom. For the reason that they are just programmed by a human and their are many possibilities that they cannot accumulate all the things that the human can do. And most of all, their is one thing that technology cannot do into his student, and it is showing love, share and care.
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