Building A Browser: The Google Chrome Comic Book (Now In PDF)

The Chrome comic book was originally designed as a limited edition print book for journalists all the way back in 2008. What you may not have known is that it's also a fantastic read for any web developer.

Released during the week of our first Chrome launch, the comic described our multi-process architecture, how the V8 JavaScript engine works, predictive DNS lookups (for optimizing based on your usage patterns) and many technical architectural concepts in a way that was surprisingly accessible to the everyday user. It’s no surprise that this was thanks to input from some of the original minds behind Chrome's pieces such as +Lars Bak (V8).

Guided by Scott McCloud’s beautiful illustrations, the comic was the first of its kind to try capturing the complexities of browser architecture through this medium. It’s an excellent read for any engineer and provides a short, but fascinating journey through the makings of a browser. You won’t learn much about rendering or compositing in this guide (the docs are for that!), but there is more than enough to keep the mind fascinated.

Today, the Chrome comic book can be found online, however (as a comic fan) I was never completely happy that a full-quality PDF version wasn't made available.  So, I recently worked with marketing and managed to get the original PDF of the comic book up for anyone wishing to read it. You can download it below :) 

PS: My team-mate +Ilya Grigorik  has just written up a fantastic companion guide that goes into far greater detail on the concepts described in the comic book and I also recommend checking it out.
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