Same chorder, 19 years. You?

A number of you have seen the stamped leather on my chorder that shows the construction date - 4/98.

Well, after 19 years of indoor/outdoor all weather daily use (with the exception of the 3 months I committed to using a twiddler) I finally had to open it up and replace two of the Cherry key switches. One of them has been a bit flaky for a while, the other just started to get that way. They would give intermittent failures but still mostly work. Its likely cleaning the internal contacts would have fixed things, but as I have be switches, I replaced them.

It's all back together and working now, but the contact cement will be drying for the next 24 hours.

I've only once had to open it before, and now I know that was actually the start of this issue, but at the time I thought the occasional key dropout might be due to a loose solder connection so all I did was resolder the key in question.

Here is a shot with it in the process of having one of the bad keys replaced. The other key needing replacement is one of the thumb keys, so as you can see I had to open it all up.

For those of you out there wearing, What's the wearable component you have had in service and in regular use the longest and for how long?
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