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Greg Priest-Dorman

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This week's #caturday collage
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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#caturday collages. Thanks to google assistant, Prisma and the Kittays
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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"One step closer and the kitten goes into the drink! Maybe it can swim, maybe it can't, nobody knows!"

I remember this line (or something close to it) from a Saturday morning live action show. Bad guy of the week rendering our hero(s) helpless by holding a little cat over a hatch in the floor of the hideout that was on a peer or wharf. I think it was Monster Squad. Does anyone have the DVD set of the 1976 series or does someone else recall this line? I would love to have the actual line and source for this memory. (Between the kitten in the new "Dirk Gently" and watching "Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders", I have been reminded of this scene and my not having a footnote for it.)
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Sorry man, bit before my time. Made me laugh tho - thanks! 
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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Standing Rock: US Army refuses N Dakota pipeline access -
The US Army denies access for an oil pipeline in North Dakota in a victory for Native American activists.
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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"Resistance is useless!"

I'm in the process of scanning and doing ocr on Limbo by Bernard Wolfe 1952 (so I can reread it and if clean enough submit it to ) and was reminded that this phrase is shouted by EMSIAC - the computer in control of the craft our protagonist is trying to escape in.

Has anyone encountered this phrase earlier than 1952 in fantasy or science fiction as something being exclaimed to get compliance? A search got me to a January 1886 magazine on insects, The Entomologist Volume 19. But there it is just part of the description of the way a particular larva tries without success to defend itself - "the resistance is useless because...".

For the curious, here is the relevant chunk of Limbo -- contains OCR errors, don't blame the author:

It was EMSIAC’s voice, the electrovox voice which was activated only in the most extreme emergencies. The dreaded voice which never came through except to bark instructions involving the most urgent disciplinary procedures.


In a blind panic he ran back to the communications room and began to pound the EMSIAC casing wildly with his fists.

for court-martial," the voice droned. “You are on unauthorized flight. We are returning you to base. Report

There was a Fireman's axe hanging on the corridor wall just outside. He noticed it now. He ran into the hall and yanked it away from its supports. Back in the communications room he began to hack at the EMSIAC container savagely, screaming with each blow.

“Resistance is useless,” the voice boomed. “Do not try to resist. Do not touch the EMSIAC box. We are returning you-”

Finally the casing gave way and the blade of the axe sank into the innards of the mechanism. Glass flew as he chopped through the banks of electronic tubes.

"Do not touch the EMSIAC box. Resistance is useless. Do not tryeeeeeeeeeee-"

There was a rattle, a violent hum, some incredible smothered grumble. He chopped, he hacked, sweat poured down his face. He was still screaming like a stuck pig.

Now in abrupt choked sound, an eerie gurgle. The hum grew and grew, became a crazy reverberating roar

and stopped.

Just like that.

Dead silence

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Greg Priest-Dorman

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Just another rainy #caturday
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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IAACM anyone?

Democracy Now! Ran a newly discovered speech Dr. King delivered in England in 1964. It is not the only time he spoke of these ideas, but each time he said it a little differently. Below is some of the section on "creative maladjustment". The entire speech is available at

You know, there are certain words in every academic discipline that soon become stereotypes and clichés. Every academic discipline has its technical vocabulary. Modern psychology has a word that is probably used more than any other word in modern psychology. It is the word "maladjusted." ... I must say to you this evening, my friends, as I come to a close, that there are some things in my own nation, and there are some things in the world, to which I am proud to be maladjusted and to which I call upon all men of goodwill to be maladjusted until the good society is realized. I must honestly say to you that I never intend to become adjusted to segregation, discrimination, colonialism and these particular forces. I must honestly say to you that I never intend to adjust myself to religious bigotry. I must honestly say to you that I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few. I must say to you tonight that I never intend to become adjusted to the madness of militarism and the self-defeating effects of physical violence, ...

You see, it may well be that our whole world is in need at this time for a new organization—the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment—men and women—men and women who will be as maladjusted as the Prophet Amos, who in the midst of the injustices of his day could cry out in words that echo across the centuries, "Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream"; as maladjusted as the late Abraham Lincoln, the great president of our nation, who had the vision to see that the United States could not survive half-slave and half-free; as maladjusted as Thomas Jefferson, who, in the midst of an age amazingly adjusted to slavery, could etch across the pages of history words lifted to cosmic proportions: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"; as maladjusted as Jesus of Nazareth, who could say to the men and women of his day, "He who lives by the sword will perish by the sword." And through such maladjustment, we will be able to emerge from the long and desolate midnight of man’s inhumanity to man into the bright and glittering daybreak of freedom and justice.

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Greg Priest-Dorman

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#caturday collage
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Hobble Independent Ethics Office

This is NOT normal!

Update! They backed off! "Republicans back off gutting of House ethics office after critical Trump tweet"

Of course he does not say they should not do that, just not as the first thing they do. So, watch for it to come back later.

The House Republican Conference approved a change with no advance public notice or debate.
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+Jake Weisz​, the numbers just don't support your claims in this case. Look at where this guy gets his money. He does get some from the PAC you mention and from other sources that relate to Google, but not to the degree you claim. Other sources and companies outweigh it. As for his not signing the letter authored by members of a committee he chairs but instead attached a separate weaker letter that is not an endorsement of the first letter, it is generally seen as the writer of the second letter's disagreement with something in the first letter to the point where it could not be signed. Now, if you want to decry "Citizens United", I'm with you. But simply prepending the word "corrupt" to a business does not make it so.

Have you read "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer? If not you might want to check it out.

Once again, we are in this situation. I have made a post. You have replied to a tangential point. I responded and let you reply to my response. Now, as in the past, as this discussion is not about the topic of the post (behind closed doors voting) I am closing the comments.


Greg Priest-Dorman

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“To me it is deeply troubling that the person who is going to become the most powerful government official in the United States doesn’t understand the first thing about the First Amendment — which is you can’t punish people for expressing dissent — and also doesn’t seem to understand that citizenship is a constitutional right that cannot be taken away, period, under any circumstances,” David D. Cole

Trump’s Call to Strip Flag Burners of Citizenship Renews Decades-Old Debate
The proposal, advanced by the president-elect via Twitter, appears to be in conflict with an array of Supreme Court precedents.

Greg Priest-Dorman

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Three pictures from a short walk at dusk. When I feel like crap it seems like hope to walk. I managed to get out today when I couldn't put it off any longer and still do it.

Picture One - Those yellow bump plates that are put into corners always feel good to walk over. Best when wearing VFFs, but I'm not wearing those today and the bumps still feel good.

Picture Two - This is one of the two kinds of paper airplanes I liked best to make when I was a kid. This one when properly adjusted could go very far and straight. This one was on the ground next to a school, looks like math homework. It also looks like this kid doesn't know the trick where you make two small tears in the bottom about a cm appart and fold over the resulting flap to hold the plane together. Makes a big difference.

Picture Three - Five years and I'm still not use to the kinds of things that just grow our here. I am learning how to use the phone's camera in low light though.
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That's my favorite paper airplane too!
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Greg Priest-Dorman

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Scientific American: Dan Rather: Now, More Than Ever, We Must Stand Up for Science.
The Trump administration is outlining policies that put our response to climate change in deep jeopardy and threaten to change the fundamental direction of science in the U.S.
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