Well, I've always wanted to post some characters here. Everybody does it, I just wanted to be popular :) Anyway, I wanted to stat some of my favorite characters and I realized that no one has talked about one of the best series ever (I'm still crying because it ended), so this is my take on the Fringe Division.

Walter Bishop

High Concept: The most intelligent and eccentric researcher in all Universes
Trouble: I had a piece of my brain removed… for the best
Other aspects: The ghosts of St. Claire chase me, Astro is my best friend, I remember working on something like that…


Great (+4): Lore
Good (+3): Crafts, Will
Fair (+2): Empathy, Investigate, Rapport
Average (+1): Resources, Notice, Contacts, Stealth


LSD is the answer: I get a +2 to overcome obstacles with Lore when I have some LSD to inspire me.

The right tool in my lab: Once per session, I can declare that I have the perfect gadget or tool for a task in my lab without spending a Fate point.

Expert in science: I get a +2 to overcome obstacles and create advantages with Crafts when creating vaccines or chemicals.

Peter Bishop

High Concept: The most intelligent field agent of the Fringe Division
Trouble: Living in the wrong universe
Other aspects: I will always protect Olivia, Jack of all trades, Running from place to place


Great (+4): Crafts
Good (+3): Athletics, Burglary
Fair (+2): Empathy, Shoot, Deceive
Average (+1): Investigate, Physique, Contacts, Will


I can fix everything: I get a +2 to overcome obstacles and create advantages with Crafts related to electronic devices.

One Person, Many Faces: Fate Core manual, page 103

Attention to Detail: Fate Core manual, page 112

Olivia Dunham

High Concept: FBI Special Agent, maybe too special…
Trouble: Too devoted to my work
Other aspects: Telekinetic under stressful circumstances, A childhood full of abuses, Willing to be the hero


Great (+4): Shoot
Good (+3): Athletics, Investigate
Fair (+2): Drive, Provoke, Will
Average (+1): Rapport, Physique, Stealth, Fight


Only I can make that shoot: I get +2 to create advantages with Shoot when aiming my gun.

Cortexiphan powers: When in extremely stressful situations, I can perform all kinds of telekinetic actions with Will.

A hell of a memory: I get a +2 to overcome obstacles and creating advantages with Will related to remembering figures and numbers

Added Astrid and changed some things here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9U0dgBOXTbObXJqa0k4bFBEZjQ/edit?usp=sharing
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