MIUI.us community helps goo-inside.me distribute Android ROM's

For those of you who don't know, goo-inside.me has been helping Android developers distribute their ROM's for quite some time now. Goo-inside.me has been an integral hosting partner for MIUI.us since the beginning and we've always done what we could to help them out. Some of the Google AdSense ad's displayed on the ROM's download page and in ROM download threads actually belong to goo-inside.me when their servers are hosting your download. This offsets some of the bandwidth costs our ROM's cost goo-inside.me but it doesn't really make a dent in their monthly costs of $1,300.

Since goo-inside.me graciously donates their servers and bandwidth to MIUI.us (and the entire Android community) for our ROM downloads, giving them some advertising revenue was only fair. Goo-inside.me has been an essential partner for MIUI.us and our community. So it's with great pleasure that I'm announcing that today, MIUI.us has donated $1,000 USD to help goo-inside.me expand their network. This donation is in addition to the ad revenue shared with goo-inside.me.

We'd like to thank the MIUI.us community for supporting this site by not blocking advertising and making donations like this to the Android Community possible. We all worked very hard to raise this money for goo-inside.me and the services they provide benefit every single user of this site and countless others.

Unfortunately, our donation alone only helped goo-inside.me meet 10% of their fundraising goal of $10,000. MIUI.us is not the only developer who hosts ROM's on goo-inside.me. To help goo-inside.me provide free ROM hosting for developers, I'd encourage you to donate some cash to them. No amount is too small!

You can read the goo-inside.me blog for details on how to donate, and what they are trying to accomplish.


Thanks for your time!
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