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Denise Baxter Yoder
Vocalist...Lyricist...Harpist...Folk~Artist..Photohobbyist~.Optimist...and a few other "ists" ;-)
Vocalist...Lyricist...Harpist...Folk~Artist..Photohobbyist~.Optimist...and a few other "ists" ;-)
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I'm pinning this to my page for the next week or so...just in case others have not discovered this information yet....if you are involved with communities then it is pertinent to your experience here......the following are my personal and make your own choice...maybe for smaller or larger communities your selection will be different...each community setting will need to be addressed separately...


I couldn't figure out why the first post I saw in a community in which I am pretty active was about 47 weeks ago....I thought all the in between ones had disappeared.....not the case...changes have been rolled out related to posts within communities

Newest update that I've noticed.... if you belong to a community, by default now, you will be seeing "top posts"....if you want to see recent posts in chronological order you can change your preference under settings to elect "most recent".......look for the 3 dots next to the community share icon and you will get a drop down menu ...go to preferences

I changed my settings in the communities which I am most active to "most recent" is the most relevant choice for me since I follow the posts almost daily......I will say this...I think having a choice is very important....

The original post was shared by +Danielle Buckley .....good stuff to know!
Never miss another great Community post

Great conversations make for vibrant Communities, and there’s no better conversation starter than an interesting post. But with all the activity lively Communities have, even the most compelling posts can slide out of view before you have a chance to see them. To make sure you never miss out on what’s up, we’re changing the way Community posts are displayed to show you the good stuff first.

Starting today, whenever you visit a Community, you’ll see the most high quality, relevant posts up top, rather than the just the most recent ones. Of course, if you’d like to switch back to chronological view, it’s easy to do so from the Community Settings / Preferences menu.

We’ll be rolling this out gradually, so please visit your favorite Community and let us know what you think!


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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills
Today's theme is tall structures

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This is one of the best young fiddle players in our area.....She always dons this fox outfit to play with her group.....also plays a mean banjo!
#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills today's theme is tails


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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills Today's theme is piers

A Pier

It would appear
A pier on piles
Would be a peerless place to peer
Pondering portents of places
Pathways pointing to ports precious
Like peacocks in a patchouli patch
Pausing at the penultimate plank
Should we plunge paddle or piddle

~Denise Baxter Yoder
7/24/2016 Photo & Poetry for the Sea & Me


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This past weekend I played harp for a was held in an enormous space which once functioned as an industrial mill....the entire structure was repurposed to include many retail spaces.....a brewery....a roof top garden....a lower level creamery ..small shoppes....and this expansive beauty used for community gatherings.. ....old bricks ....well worn wooden floors.....tall stately windows bare of coverings....with brilliant outside light flooding into the cavernous interior..... They draped the rafters with gossemer sheers....twined ivy around a vintage chandelier...lit candles.....and talk about a place where music can soar!
I shot this photo with my cellphone after I had set up my harp prior to the was a really beautiful space to play.....the bride chose some of my favorite pieces.....I find weddings a bit stressful.....I want to play my very best and sometimes am nervous about reaching that mark....once I start playing I calm and go with the flow.....there always seems to be some unplanned moment ...which usually creates a memory I carry with me many years later....most often with a smile or a laugh......both good for's a time to celebrate life and new beginnings.....I value the experience to the newly weds and cheers to all who gathered together!!!!

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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills Today's theme is:

Looking Out

I’m a cool cat
Looking out upon
A world of green
Wonder what might await me
Crickets I may meet
They know how to move
Rubbing legs together they keep
A hopping good groove
Or maybe I’ll catch up with some catbirds
With whom I might share a song or two
I’ve been told I have a sweet meow
I’d like to howl along with them awhile
Around sundown the hummingbirds
Will fly by …..they don’t know the words
But they sure can hum the tune
When it’s good and dark
That’s when I’ll be out and about
We’ll gather on the porch
We’ll stretch the music out
Cicadas keep the rhythm going
A chorus of come hither calls
I love those sounds most of all
So while you see me here looking out
You can bet without a doubt
I’m making a set list of summer songs
Cause we’ll be jamming from dusk to dawn

2017 Denise Baxter Yoder
Photo and Poem for Critters

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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills
Today's theme is beautiful reds (not flowers)
I love the color of his hair!!!! Radiant Red!

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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills​​
Today's theme is green (not leaves or grass)

I've climbed a perch
I’m at the top
Now I view
What I have not
No grass in sight
Or leaves to see
Oh no oh no
It can not be
What do I do?
I’m thinking
I’ll back it up
My tail lights blinking
Oh how nice to blend
Unseen and yet proclaim
Brilliance in green

Denise Baxter Yoder
2017 Poem and photo for Poetry Naturally


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#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills Today's theme is eating
When I keyed in the word "eating" for Google to search through my came up with about 6 photos......I liked this the best....there is evidence of eating as you can see by the empty oatmeal bowl....
and I'm pretty sure he's nibbling her ear.....

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I"m happy to hear this news.....
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