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Love watermelon~! =)
Love watermelon~! =)

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Now app streaming is live on Mobile ads, following our debut on Google Search! :)

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My team just launched App Streaming on Nov 18. App streaming makes a mobile app instantly available by running the app remotely in the cloud when the app is not installed! 

Very proud that our moonshot project came out of fantasy into reality :), and received overwhelmingly positive press response (TechCrunch, USA Today, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, CNBC). 

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3D Snowflake Using Paper.

Please Follow: +Creative Ideas 

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My favoriate female singer is finally getting married! :)

看著爸爸牽著我的手, 親手將我交給身旁的老公, 對他說: 「我把女兒交給你了,好好照顧她。」我們都流下了喜悅的淚水...那一幕,至今在我腦海中久久難以忘懷..
人生另一階段正式開啟,幸福的故事,將會繼續延續下去, 直到永永遠遠..:)

請你(妳)要繼續相信愛情, 努力學習如何多愛自己, 當你(妳)遇見那個對的人,

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It’s getting dark, and Vladimir Dzhanibekov is cold. He has a flashlight, but no gloves. Gloves make it difficult to work, and he needs to work quickly.

In 1985, the Soviet space station Salyut 7 underwent a catastrophic electrical failure while no-one was aboard. The ground lost all contact with it, and it was drifting silent and derelict through space -- and they could not afford to lose the station. So they mounted a rescue mission, stripping a ship to the bare minimum so they could load up extra tools, food, and water, and sent two cosmonauts up to do what had never been done before: "docking with a non-cooperative object," boarding a dead ship, and trying to repair it before it crashed or they ran out of air and water.

The history of what they did was scattered, and (this being the USSR) much of it kept secret; but it has finally been pieced together almost completely, and you can here find out how two crazy bastards flew up into space, boarded a ship that for all they knew was about to fall apart around their ears, and repaired it.

via +Lauren Weinstein.

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Great blue hole. .
Coast of Belize. .
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