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Microsoft has revamped their email service including new cleaner interface, socially connected, and automatically sorted newsletters. The Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn integration is definitely a selling point. Let's see if +Gmail matches or whether they stick with only integrating +Google+ (which unfortunately for the average user is not that helpful).

Rolling out now, you'll be able to access Hangouts from your Gmail (regular video chat will still work for talking to those who haven't upgraded to Google+).

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Dispelling a recent myth that developers are leaving the platform. We are still strongly supportive of BlackBerry 10 as our main target platform.

Lots of bad news for Research In Motion at their earnings call, even worse than expected (and expectations were not good):
- 5000 job cuts
- revenue down 33% from last quarter
- and most problematic of all: BlackBerry 10 is delayed until Q1 2013

Ouch all around.

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Today is the +Google+ one year birthday. While the features are great, I have to agree with this article that it has seriously missed out on its potential because of a few missed opportunities.

Google is expected to announce a 7" Nexus tablet priced at a low $199 at #IO2012 tomorrow. Are you interested?

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That's right: VP and Head of App Development +Ryan Robinson got quoted in an article yesterday from BB10 Jam. Even got a little blurb about the app side of Causer Tech in there.

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Our Vice-President +Ryan Robinson spent today at #BB10Jam  Toronto. Lots learned and we now have a Dev Alpha device to test with as we continue our work. Check out our twitter feed for lots of his thoughts throughout the day.

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Whoo! And +Dan Causer goes to Montreal in July.
Off to represent +Causer Technology at #BB10Jam  World Tour in Toronto tomorrow! Aside from getting up at 5 to do the commute, should be awesome.
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