I am so excited to announce that I am a Circle Project Moderator for the Wedding Photographers circle in the The Jarvie Circle Share Project

I created this Wedding Photographers Group/as page to help start the list (now over 400) :

Please, feel free to add yourself or any wedding photographer that you admire or LOVE :)
(by entering your Google ID at the above link)

or simply add your name below in the comments and I will manually add your name to the list.

and please Re-share this post so the list can grow :)

Group.as will serve as a full list of all Google Plus Wedding Photographers.
I will then be curating a list of the Most Active Google Plus Wedding Photographers from that Group.as
that will stay below 200 people. Finally we will then be heavily promoting the top 200 starting on Scott's page.

+Scott Jarvie

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