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Right time for Medications
Lets talk about prescription medications. I am so tired of
being judged on giving medications to my daughter. I get it from my parent, my
extended family, some friends and even strangers. They tell me to change my
daughter diet. Have you tried gluten free d...

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Picking up the Pieces
I feel like everyday I pick up the pieces of the shatters, the fragments
of my heart, soul and of my mind. Everyday I wake up and say it’s going to be
different today; today it’s going to be better. Today is the day that the
medications is going to work and...

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There is no silver lining in childhood bipolar disorder
Sympathy is taking away from someone's suffering, trying to
put a silver lining in it. Whereas empathy is connecting to the persons
suffering which forms a comforting bond.   There is unique video that describes this . In effort

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A little bit about Asperger Syndrome Disorder
     Last post I talked about Marc being
diagnosed Asperger syndrome disorder (ASD) and today I want to talk more in
depth about what exactly it is. As I said before it is on the autism spectrum.
It is considered to be the highest functioning kind.   Most c...

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Preventing Suicide
 POWWWW!!!!! That’s life hitting you with a right hook that you never saw coming. This is what my husband and I felt when we received our son Marc’s diagnosis of Aspergers just over two weeks ago. Aspergers is a form of Autism that is considered to be on th...

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      Lately its been quiet difficult in our household. For the last 2 months or so Ally has been on the road of what I like to call a decompensation.  When you have a mental illness it is inevitable that you are going to have set backs. Set backs usually c...
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