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Jeannine O'Neil
The "JO" behind JO Social Branding
The "JO" behind JO Social Branding

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JO Social Branding a visual branding and online marketing agency, has been named a 2016 Solution Provider All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, part of the Endurance International Group, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: EIGI) family of brands and the trusted…

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Do you struggle with getting your email marketing messages opened, read and clicked? The problem may be in your delivery of content. Take a minute and think about your reader or subscriber. They have A LOT of email being sent to them everyday. You as a…

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In episode 36, I interview Amy Schmittauer educator, professional consultant, video blogger, speaker and author of her newest book, Vlog Like a Boss – How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. Amy shares her insight on what vlogging is, how it can help you connect to your audience, the ways to make it work for your brand and how to overcome your fears when it comes to turning on the camera and launching your video. Amy gives fantastic advice that she shares with her own clients as well as lessons she has picked up along the way in her 7 year vlogging career.

See more at:

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Meredith Krueger, @ThisPugs ife Charlie, a little black pug, took ownership of Meredith Krueger in July of 2013.  Meredith’s now husband, JP, surprised her with Charlie after Meredith’s year long convincing campaign to get a baby pug.  His Instagram…

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Miranda Paquet, Constant Contact Miranda Paquet is a Content Manager at Constant Contact, where she inspires small businesses to overcome their digital marketing fears and use email and social media marketing to drive awareness, sales, and repeat…

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EP 23: How to Boost Your New Business with Facebook & Digital Marketing with Liz Dodge

In this Social Eyes Podcast, JO takes a stroll down memory lane with her latest interviews and pulls together the key lessons, common threads and stand out moments from each guest.   EP 21: The Importance of Goal Setting with Suzan Czacowski –…

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It is with great honor that I share that JO Social Branding has been selected by Feedspot as the Top 100 Branding Blogs on the web! As the Feedspot blog states, “Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, big or small, retail or B2B.…

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You probably have heard the term “dress for success” but are you giving your business the same treatment? When you present yourself online you need to have a clear, polished, concise brand image, from the PR messaging you are putting in the community, to the visuals you are uploading online and the way you are speaking with your audience through email.

In this session you’ll learn:

Is Your PR Style On-Brand or Out of Hand?
Put Your Brand in Demand with Instagram
How to Look Good in the Inbox

Lunch will be provided for attendees.

10-6-16 | 10 -2 | Waltham MA


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It is incredible to look back at my very first Mastermind in March 2016 and see how much this event has evolved in the past 6 months. What started out as 2 other marketing professionals separately reaching out and wanting to team up and co-produce a…

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Added photos to Get ‘Schooled’ in Online Marketing {Mastermind Workshop}.
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