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Charles Akins
"Do you read this stuff before you post it?" -- My Long Suffering Bride
"Do you read this stuff before you post it?" -- My Long Suffering Bride

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A Four Way Tie? Well, That Was Unexpected.
Last night when I went to bed I expected to wake up this morning and find that the first Dyvers Abroad project would begin in Talislanta. The morning, however, has proven that not to be the case. Instead I have been greeted with a four way tie between Talis...

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The Dyvers Abroad poll is nearing its end Ladies and Gentlemen. So let's take a quick look at where we're sitting with two days left to vote!

Votes | Setting
6 | Forgotten Realms
7 | Eberron
7 | Dark Sun
9 | Blackmoor
8 | Palladium World
11 | The Old World (WFRP)
11 | Mystara
7 | Alternity
8 | Iron Kingdoms
13 | Talislanta
8 | Dragonlance
8 | Chaos Earth
8 | Hollow Earth
9 | RIFTS Earth
10 | Star Frontiers
9 | Once and Future King
7 | Bug Hunters

As you can see Talislanta is currently sitting in the lead but that can all change with just a few votes. So come on over to the blog and vote for your favorites!

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So I was reading an old article that Gary Gygax had written and it got me to thinking about what I want in my Dungeons & Dragons games.

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The Whole of Fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons
Jupiter and Europa by Marit Berg Last night I was reading a pdf copy of Europa  when I ran across an article by Gary Gygax, How to Set Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign - and Be Stuck Refereeing it Seven Days per Week Until the Wee Hours of the Morning! T...

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Cthulhu and the Old Ones Sing the Blues: The Beast in the Cave
The Beast in the Cave is the first story published in The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft . The story was written by H.P. Lovecraft when he was only 14 years old and shows signs of the author's inexperience. The story is short, only six pages, and builds...

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Cthulhu and the Old Ones Sing the Blues: Introduction
I like big projects and series that tend to push me to accomplish things with my blog that I wouldn't otherwise attempt. It keeps me honest. It motivates me - and right now I need that because I have a lot that I want to do on the blog this year. Anyway, wa...

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I'm sharing this for the Sunday crowd. Over on Dyvers I'm getting ready to begin exploring a new setting beside by beloved Greyhawk. Only thing is that I haven't exactly figured out which one that I would like to set foot in so I thought that it might be fun to put it to a vote. I've got a poll on the right hand side of the blog that everyone is welcome to vote on. You can choose as many as you like, but if you want to put down Post-Earth (Gamma World) as your setting you'll need to leave a note on the post.

Anyway, the poll ends on Friday, February, 24, 2017. So vote early, vote often, and vote for whoever the hell you like. See you cats soon!

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Explorations of Other Settings
As long time readers will no doubt testify, I love me some Greyhawk. I make posters about the setting, write blog posts exploring it, and generally just fly my Greyhawk Flag high. But lately I've been thinking a lot about diving into a new setting and just ...

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Forward Progress 1
Progress Report Entries Read: 2,500 Blogs Written Up: 39 New Blogs Added: 15 Now we begin the Bs.

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Letters to Dyvers: Problems, Problems. We've All Got Them, but Only a Few of Us Wallow in Them.
Have I ever mentioned that I like getting mail from you guys? Well, I do. Anyway, I'm in the process of catching up on about a year's worth of e-mails so I'm going to do a bit of a clearing house and answer three of them real quickly. P.S. I've cleaned up t...
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