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William D.
I am me, and only me, and only desire to be me.
I am me, and only me, and only desire to be me.

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+Danny frøm Wønderland Remember I talked about putting these up? I finally remembered! The "Buy a dictionary" poster!

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"E Trade Street"
An infrared shot of E Trade Street in downtown Charlotte. Despite it being spring... It still looks like winter.

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A few months back, my video company got together with a local band to film our first music video with them! It was a first for both of us. If you give it a listen and like it, please click that "like" button on Youtube and consider resharing it.

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"Faerie House"

The faerie made sure to enchant her house in a way that the snow would not cover it when it fell. Through careful wards and magics, Seraphim was able to sit inside, looking out through a lifted leaf to watch the colorful world turn white.

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#winterphotography #snowmageddon2016 #ice #winter #forest #macro #macrophotography

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Small pieces of white
Small souls of clouds
On the cars
In the woods
Snow, then ice
Coating all in sight
Be careful, don't slip
Get out, see the beauty

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#infrared #monochrome #blackandwhite #photography #infraredphotography #forest #winter #snow

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"Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn"

I can't help but think of one of my favorite bands when I see this picture. Mono, a post-rock band from Japan, has a song "Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn". I can't really call it lyrically inspired, though, as the song has no lyrics. Either way, I love this silhouette against the sunrise.

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“Fairy Bridge”

This is the famous Long White Bridge at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. Despite it being winter, the trees and Spanish Moss were gorgeous. Spanish Moss is actually neither a moss nor is it from Spain. The rest of the property was equally gorgeous, with vast gardens spread throughout.

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#charleston #charlestonnc #monochrome #spanishmoss #whitebridge #longwhitebridge

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"Phthalo Blue"
I saw this gorgeous pile of paint tubes in the window for an art gallery while walking through Charleston. The display was organized with used blue tubes in the front, red behind those, and a third row behind that. The pile of tubes, with its mix of corroded and brand new color, caught my eye.

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"Eno River, Winter"

I had previously published a photograph of Eno River's Fews Ford in the middle of sumemr in glorious green and blue regalia. This time, it is in the dead of winter, taken at sunset with an infrared camera. I recently converted a Sony NEX-5 to take infrared photographs, and I must say, I'm pleased with the results.

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This is the anchor room of the USS Yorktown, which is a 41,000-ton Essex-class aircraft carrier. Each link in the chain weighs around 227kg, if I recall correctly. I'm particularly fond of the symmetry of this shot. It doesn't work quite so well in color, as there are two color splashes on the left side that distract the eye from that, but it works here.

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