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A bit about me, Barry Kottler
A bit about me, Barry Kottler


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Edelmen the linchpin for the Patriots
Written off before the season started because of the loss of most of their secondary, then again with the injury devastation to their front line, the NE Patriots managed to make it to the AFC Divisional Championship game. They are able to adapt to their los...

Still recovering from the Superbowl.  Have watched it a 2nd time so I could really watch the football.

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every game they win differently .  this one was on the ground.  blount with 140 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns
Your New England Patriots are 2014 AFC Champions! #OnToSB49 

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Are You Really Sure You Want To Do That...Too Many Wasted Clicks
sometimes wonder who is in charge of adding extra clicks to tasks and if they
get paid by the click.  You see it everywhere.  I notice it on my GPS
(I am old enough to have a GPS beside my phone).  To do a simple task,
such as cancelling my route, i click...

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EHR features and their hidden cost
Everyone loves new features and in the EHR industry, they are often required.  Whether the new EHR features are for  Meaningful Use , Quality Measures, or  Surescripts  new requirements and the drive for new features keep coming.  In programming, new featur...

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We have a very robust epidemiology system in the US.  The CDC and other health officials have the tools to identify all contacts and follow sources.  We have done this with many epidemics in the past.

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Paint Colors and EHR Interoperability
As some of you may know, i have been building a cornhole set (bean bag toss game) for tailgating at the New England.  When it came time to paint the set with the Patriots logs, i looked up the color scheme online.  There were a number of standardized color ...

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Next step in Cornhole set.  Almost done!

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Cornhole set built and primed.  Painting comes next.  That I will leave to the experts (elaine and mia) :)

Got motivated to build a cornhole set...that is that bean bag game played at tailgates.  I will upload some pictures as i go.
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